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welcome to the International Union of Mail-Artists. This Blog gives you information and links to all activities undertaken by Ruud Janssen, who started with Mail-Art in 1980 and is still active. Since 1970 working with computers too, so you can acces large amounts of data....

Outgoing envelopes on 27-4-2016

2016-04-27 12.01.19

Worked on 4 special enveloppes this day which went out just now.  They fit is a series I made and one special envelope for Canada…..

2016-04-27 12.01.41

Enveloppe for Richard Canard just to keep contact. Also he will turn 75 next month, so want to keep his mailbox filled till a special event takes place.

2016-04-27 12.02.02

In Chicago Keith A. Buchholz has organized a special project in collaboration with the fluxfest 2016, so I am sending him this envelope for that NOW.

2016-04-27 12.10.10

And another enveloppe for the Miss Noma Fun Club at the addres of De Villo Sloan. We will see how that developes. The search for more details on Miss Noma continues.

2016-04-27 12.11.37

And below a special envelope for Mailarta in Canada. He/She sent me a bunch of goodies and I am returning the signed artistamp portrait for the collection.

2016-04-27 14.15.54

Bunny Rays add and pass on revived on Facebook


On 21-2-12 I made these sheets and passed them out. Not a lot happened. I still had some lying here and pass them on now and then. Suddently on facebook they revived. Especially this version:

SCAN1666 “E” from France started adding on one and published it on some Facebook groups. It was piched up by the Mail-Art network on Facebook, and started to be added and passed on to. It resulted in lots of versions which are now circulating and are being added too. I started to collect them now, and probably make a video from that to show the diversity of such a Facebook wave….

12994575_10204690132613436_4545808577693846422_n 13062252_10204690132773440_2855167396486500960_n 13082564_10204704075922010_4176333133300462706_n

Brain Cells 942 and 943 from Ryosuke Cohen – Japan

2016-04-19 07.14.22

Again two more brain cells from Ryosuke Cohen in Japan arrived in Breda, Netherlands. Number 942 (above) and 943 (below). The project continues since 1985 and 31 years later the 1000 th issue is coming in sight. With an issue each 10 days this still takes a long time…..  But we enjoy every new issue that brightens the world with all these icons from a mail-art network.

2016-04-21 19.06.52

How to make a synthesis assay


How to make a synthesis assay

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It understands the concept of a synthesis assay. The purpose of a trial is to synthesis revealing connections between parts of one or multiple works in order to present and support ultimately a statement about a topic. In other words, when you research a topic, for example : ART, you should have information about art academic papers, you will look for connections that can become a solid perspective on it. Different types of assays synthesis can be categorized as follows:

  1. Synthesis of argument: this type of essay has a solid thesis statement that presents the point of view of the writer. Organized logically relevant information from research to support the point of view of the thesis. White papers business known as status reports often take this format. This is the kind of synthesis assay that students write an exam.

Review: often written as a preliminary to a synthesis of argument essay, a critical essay is a discussion of what has been written previously on the subject, with a critical analysis of the sources covered.

Explanatory background or synthesis: This type of essaying helps readers understand a subject categorizing the facts and presenting them to promote understanding of the reader. It does not propose a particular point of view and, if you have a thesis statement, this is weak. Some white business books take this format, although it is more likely to have a view, albeit discreet.

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Example of a broad topic reduced to a reasonable subject for an essay of synthesis rather the overall theme of social networks, you can discuss your views on the effects that text messages have had on the Spanish language.

3. Choose your sources carefully and read. If you’re going to take an examination, in some cases you provide sources.

4. Your thesis is the main idea presented in the trial. Should include the issue and declare your opinion about it. It should be presented as a complete sentence.

5. Reread your sources to find pieces that support your thesis. Check your sources and select quotations, statistics, ideas and key facts to support your thesis. You will use throughout your essay.

If you plan to take a statement of opposition to your mind and find inconsistencies in it, you should also find some quotes that contradict your thesis statement and plan ways to refute them.