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Books from 1995 and earlier

This documentation contains information about BOOKS that are in the TAM-ARCHIVES. The list isn't complete yet, as I am going through the archive of boxes to make the document complete. The overview contains the larger publications that are interesting for research on MAIL ART. There are also lots of boxes with catalogs of mail-art projects that only contain address-lists and some reprints of contributions. I have selected the documents that tell about the history and backgrounds of mail-art.

If someone needs more information about one of the publications,just let me know.

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This is one of the publications that is issued by TAM-Publications to document the collection the archive has. The publications are all made on the computer and printed whenever an updated version is ready. Because of the constant flow of information to the archive, the publications are growing constantly and updating takes a lot of time. Other publications that are issued besides this overview of books & magazines are:

These publications are not sold, but occasionally sent into the network or given to visitors. The publications are mostly inte resting for Archivists and researchers on the subject of mail art.

* : this indicates that there are more than one issue in the archive



1. Crozier, Robin, The portrait of Robin Crozier, Geolfrith 25, January 1975, Sunderland UK. About 70 pages all prepared by hand and printed by the Sunderland Arts Centre. It gives an idea of the work of Robin Crozier in his 'early years' as his correspondents of those years were asked to give a portrait of him.


2. Alexandrian, Sarana. "Marcel Duchamp", Publication in the Q.L.P. Series. 95 pages with 42 reproductions (27 in B&W). Crown Publishers, New York, ISBN 0-517-53008-2. Includes bibliography.


3. Miller, K. Miller & Thompson, Lowry. "THE RUBBER STAMP ALBUM". The complete guide to making everything prettier, weir der, and funnier: How and where to buy over 5,000 rubber stamps. And how to use them. This book with 215 pages explains the start of the crazy world of rubber stamps. Workman Publis hing, ISBN 0-89480-045-0 , New York, -1978-


4. Tavenner, Patricia. "Four years and more". Library of Congress Number 78-55274, The Eternal Press. In this book Pa tricia tavenner tells about here first years in mail-art, her collages and her artistamps, and much more.


5. Barrile, Paolo, Il Secondo Libro di Messaggio Terra, Milano 1975. Reprint 1980, Milano, Italy. Message Earth is a mail art project with several stages.

6. "The World Of Donald Evans", Text by Willy Eisenhart. Another Harlin Quist Book. Donald Evans 1945-1977. The World of Donald Evans is the size of a postage stamp; he paints them on paper and invented his own world with them. This book (174 pages) contains a huge collection of reproductions in color of the artistamps created by Donald Evans. Donald Evans was one of the members of the NYCS. Biography & Bibliography included. ISBN 0-8252-9658-7 1st print in USA -1980-


7.* Cavellini. Guglielmo Achille, Selfportraits, living-Room exhibition 1981, a further Development in Self-Historification, Zincografica Artigiana, Brescia, Italy. Selfpublished book with selfportraits by the late Cavelinni. The book gives an impres sion of how the artist saw himself. In his active year Cavelli ni sent his self-published books randomly into the network.


8. Bleus, Guy, "World Art Atlas", Wellen, Belgium, Huge documentation of a mail-art project curated by Guy Bleus. The documentation contains all contributions received before the exhibition at the WARANDA in Turnhout(May 1982) Edition of 800 copies was printed and the book contains an introduction to mail art -1982-

9. Bleus, Guy & D , Willy , "Man is the museum of all things". A deductive structure Photo- book, dedicated to Johan van Geluwe, Belgium.

10. Barneveld, Aart van & Wigman, Ronald , "Stempelen". Uit geverij Bert Bakker Amsterdam. Book in Dutch language about history, applications and the making of your own stamps. 100 pages and with lots of B&W illustrations. The book shows all uses of stamps. ISBN 90.6019.89.21 Printed at 'Druk van Broek hoven' in 'S-Hertogenbosch 1982


11. Gajewski, Henryk , "Mail-Art Hand-Book", Handmade book from Polish mail-artists living in Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Hol land. Contains essays by the most active mail-artists in the beginning 80-ies. The books are handmade by Henryk Gajewski. Holland.

12.* Küstermann, Peter, "Kein Krieg in meiner Stadt - MailArt für den Frieden", Minden, West- Germany -1983- , Documentation of a mail-art project by Peter Küstermann.ISBN 3-922376-20-7

13. Banana, Anna, About VILE (8th and last issue), mail-art news & photo's from the eternal network, 1983, Banana Publica tions, Canada, ISBN 0-9691153-0-X


14. International "Mail-Art" Exhibition , Budapest, Hungary -1984- Catalog of a mail-art project in Hungary

15. Bleus, Guy, "Microfiche catalogue" C.P. 56. Besides the microfiches this C.P. (commonpress) has an overview about the history of C.P. and a list of all published issues of C.P. , Wellen, Belgium

16. Crane, Michael & Stofflet, Mary, "Correspondence Art" , San Francisco, USA -1984- 'Sourcebook' for the network of in ternational postal activity. The book focusses a lot on the American side of the mail art network and their artists but gives a nice idea about the situation of the sixties to eighties. Of course the book in incomplete, but most books about mail art are! A good book for research! Contemporary Arts Press, San Francisco. ISBN 0-931818-02-8


17. International Artists' Postage Stamps Exhibition Weddel, West-Germany. Documentation of a mail art project with ar tists'stamps. Contains reprints of all the contributions -1985- ISBN 3-923971-09-5

18. The Scroll Unrolls, Janco-DaDa Museum, Ein-Hod, Israel. Documentation-book of exhibition curated by David Cole from USA. The catalog is made out of single postcard- sized cards, where different sorts of papers are used. Texts as well as copies of contributions.

19.* Commonpress 64, Peter Küstermann, "Ein berliner im Pariser", Minden 1985, Germany.

20.* La Biennale 3rd edition, Performances & expo's, Comune de Villa di Serio, Bergamo. 1985, Italy.

21. Cavellini, Guglielmo Achille. Impertinent Selfportraits. Edizione Nuovi Strumenti, Brescia, Italy . Selfpublished by Cavellini

22. Küstermann, Friedhelm. "Tempo - mail art", Lyrische collagen 11, issn 0721-3083. Documentation of a mail art project. Published in West-Germany 1985


23. Fricker, H.R., "Networking Material", Switserland. Wonderful book with reproductions of H.R. Fricker's work and con tains many colored additions (like his artistamps)

24.* Hefting, Paul. "Speciale uitgave over mail-art". Book about mail art in Dutch language made for a special exhibition in The Hague. Dutch Postal Museum, Netherlands -1986-

25.* Cavellini, Guglielmo Achille. "Il sistema mi la messo in croce" Living-Room exhibition; a portfolio with reproductions in color of Cavellini's work ready for an exhibition at the place of the receiver. -1986-

26. Held Jr. , John. "International Artist Cooperation: Mail Art Shows , 1970 - 1985 , a listing of 1338 mail art shows from 1970 to 1985. John Held's first attempt to publish an overview of all mail art shows held in these beginning times of mail art. Fine Arts Division, Dallas Public Library, Dallas, USA


28.* KÚpek, BÚlyeg. Stamp Images, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary.

29. Perneczky, Géza. "The Artists' Books in European View: the soul of Books or the third generation", Cologne, 1987.

30. Weber, Franz-Josef. Peter Paul Rubens, Eine mail art ausstellung, Siegen, Germany 1987

31. Tisma, Andrej, "Private Life". catalog of project for Savremena Galery, Yugoslavia sezona 1986/1987


32. Diotallevi, Marcello. "Tettere Autografiche", Edizioni del Brandale , Testi di Stelio Rescio, Pierre Restany , Enzo Di Grazia. Fano, Italy , -1988-

33. Allen, Benjamin. "Photobooth Portraits". Northern Ireland, 1988. Documentation of a mail art project, printed by University Press Newtownabbey

34. Bouver, Jan de. "Kleine Blaadjes Catalogus". Alternative magazines, annotated. In Dutch language, overview of the content of his archive which contains lots of the smaller zines that are published. De Media, Eeklo, Belgium

35. Küstermann, Peter, Open Air Galerie Minden, Germany. Book with activities of the open Air Galerie in the 80's. Published Lyrische Collagen 20, issn 0721 9083 , Minden, Germany


36. Held, John Jr., "A World Bibliography of Mail-Art", Dallas Public Library, Dallas, Texas. Source-book for all kind of publications related to mail-art. USA -1989-

37. Fricker, H.R., "Mail-Art und Tourism" / "I am a networker (Sometimes)", Verlag VEXER, - 1989- ISBN 3-909090-07-9

38. Pozzi, Gianni. Mostra Internazionale, "Mail Art" , Firenze, Italy

39. Francois, Charles. "New letter to H.R. Fricker". Macintosh stackware printed version. R.A.T. editions, LiÚge, Belgium -1989-. A letter written on a computer. This booklet is the printed version with prints of all the graphics and texts.

40.* Christiansen, Ulla & Rosenkilde Hansen, Lotta. Peter's Book. Lyrical Collages Nr. 18 Minden 1989. ISSN 721.9083 -1989-


41. Küstermann, Peter, Travel-Books , Minden, Germany. Sever al hand-made books from all his travels to outher corners of the world. Part 2 : USSR , Part 3 : South America

42.* Janssen, Ruud, "My History in Mail-Art", An overview of my experiences in mail art from 1980 till 1990. It documents my early projects and travels, participating in the congress- year 1986, exhibitions in Amsterdam (Holland) and Ponte Nossa (Ita ly), Meetings in Belgium and Germany. Illustrated and limited edition of 30 copies. TAM-Publications, Tilburg, Holland, TAM

43. Broi, Gianni. "La Posta in Gioco". La communicatione postale come creativitß artistica. Firenze , Ministerio delle Poste e delle Telecomunicazioni, -1990-

44. Vautier, Ben. "Pas d'art sans vérité" Ecritures de Ben Vautier. Book published by Ben Vautier himself which documents the writings he did in several countries. Full-color - 1990- Z'editions, Nice, France. ISBN 2-87720-057-4.


45.* Held Jr., John. "MAIL-ART: An annotated Bibliography". The Scarecrow Press, Inc. NJ, USA. ISBN 0-8108-2455-8. Overview of all kinds of publications, sorted in many ways, concerning mail art. The link to other sources of what has been published on the subject mail art

46. Art Without Borders, mail-art project, Petrozavodsk 1991, USSR.

47. "The words and the Images", Book by Jan Brand / Nicollet te Gast / Robert-Jan Muller, with articles from several other artists. Edited in honor of the exhibition at the Central Mu seum in Utrecht, 1991, "NIGHT LINES". Text and images in the art of the twentieth century. 272 pages with illustrations in color and Black/White. ISBN 90-73285-06-2, Published by Cen tral Museum Utrecht, Netherlands, -1991-

48. Bleus, Guy. "Mail Art Manual". Do viajante em Portugal. T.A.C. - 42.292, Wellen, Belgium - 1991-

49. Perneczky, Géza. "A Háló". The trends of alternative art in the light of their periodicals 1968-1988. "The magazine network." In hungarian language, and with lots of illustrations of the many periodicals that are reviewed. There is also an english version (see 1993). ISBN 963.7855.24.6 -1991-

50. Heyden, Carola v.d.. Thesis on mail art for University of Leiden, Dutch language. The work is devided in two parts. One contains text, the other part copies of art-works, publicati ons, etc. Department Art-History, University of Leiden, Netherlands -1991-

51. Mail Art exhibition "How do you imagine the city of Com piegne?", France -1991-

52. Felter, Jas W. , "2nd International Artistamp Biennial" from the Pacific Northwest Artistamp Collective, December 1991. Seattle, USA

53. Hempel, Hugo Jr. , "Stempel" or "Das Stempel Buch" , Book in German language about the use of rubber stamps in all aspects. Includes history, techniques, wordlist, stamp museum, uses of stamps, and contains lots of essays from and about mail artists. ISBN 3-925817-41-7 , Der Grüne Zweig 141 , Stampheim, Germany.

54. Bourbon, David. "Warhol". The 1991 edition of the book written by David Bourbon about the life & work of Andy Warhol. 432 pages, lots of illustrations, photos (color & B/W). Originally published in 1989 by Harry N. Abrahams, Inc. Printed in Italy, english language. ISBN 0-8109-2634-2 -1991-

55. "Pop Art , an international perspective", edited by Marco Livingstone. A large publication with contributions in text-form from Dan Cameron, Constance W. Glenn, Thomas Kellein, Marco Livingstone, Sarat Maharaj, Alfred Pacquement & Evelyn Weiss. The book contains also reproductions of 4 collages made by Ray Johnson in color, and an interview with Ray by David Bourbon. Also Bibliography & Biography of the many pop artists that are mentioned in this book. 312 pages with mostly co lor-illustrations. The Royal Academy of Arts, London, Sponsored this publication. ISBN 0-8478-1476-9 London

56. Home, Stewart. "The Assault on Culture". Utopian Currents from Lettrisme to class war. About 120 pages ISBN 1-873176-35-9. Overview of the recents art-history in the eyes of Stewart Home. Printed in Exeter, Scotland, UK -1991-

57. Schaper, Karl. "Object und Bilder". Catalog of an exhibi tion held in the German Postal Museum of the artist Karl Schaper who used the mail as a subject. Includes handmade envelo pes and artistamps and the over 100 pages are richely illustra ted with B&W photo's as well as full color illustrations. Contains Biography & Bibliography. Printed in Germany, ISBN 3-7685-3091-4. In German language and a foreword by Thomas Werner. -1991-

58. Bantock,Nick. "Griffin & Sabine ; An extraordinary Corrrespondence". Not a mail art book, but yet it deals with the fictive artistic correspondence of two people. Written and illustrated by Nick Bantock. Published by Chronicle Books, San Francisco, USA ISBN 0- 87701-788-3


59. Afdams, Jim. "Ufo Celebration", volume 1. A mail art project from the ITT studio. Kwantien College, USA -1992-

60.* Koevoets, Ben, "Als kunst bestempeld / Mail-Art interna tionaal", Book issued in the DNC92-year and in honor of the special mail-art exhibition at the Dutch Postal Museum. On one day the Museum also organised one of the many congress-sessions where this book was first presented. The Hague, Netherlands. ISBN 90-73244080. With illustrations -1992-

61. Tisma, Andrej, "Nature gives", International Mail-Art exhibition, observations on Ecology by 375 artists, EC Sombor 1992, Yugoslavia. ISBN 86-82067-02-1

62. Mutuck, Artur, REFLUX Project, An art telecommunication event, June 1991 to February 1992, Switserland 1992. Xeroxed version of this book is in the TAM-Archive. It was one of the first (mail) art project related to the Internet.

63. Bleus, Guy, FAX-Performances November 1992. Wellen, Belgium.

64. Kamperelic , Dobrica. "Umetnost Kao Komunikacija", "Art as communication", Grafopublik, Beograd, 1992, Book about mail art & networking.

65. KünstlerPostkarte. Catalogue of an exhibition at the PTT Museum in Frankfurt, Germany -1992- Title: Die Kunstlerpostkarte (Von den Anfangen bis zur Gegenwart) Prestel-Verlag Munchen ,Mandlstrasse 26 , 8000 Munchen 40, Germany Bőrbel Hedinger Herausgeber. Hardbound , 236 pages with 120 color reproductions and 305 B&W reproductions. The book was published to document the exhibition 'The Artist Postcard - From the beginning to now' , in the Altonaer Museum in Hamburg , Norddeutches Landesmuseum (4-3 till 8-6-1992) and the German Postal Museum , Frankfurt am Main (30-6 till 13-9- 1992) ISBN 3-7913-1197-2.

66. "Utopia: Envisioning a dream." The forum Galley. Jamer stown, NY, USA. Documentation of a large mail-art project. -1992-

67. Osterwold, Tilman. "POP ART", a 240 pages book with color illustrations about Pop Art with mentioning of the most influ encial artists in this era. Contains references, bibliography and biography of the artists. Taschen , Koeln, Germany ISBN 3-8228-0610- 2 , Printed in Italy -1992-

68. Perkins, Steven. "International Zine Show". Catalog of an exhibition of zines at Subspace, Iowa, USA. September 5-26 1992. The 52-pages catalog gives an overview of several zines, sorted by country with reprints of the covers and a small text about the content. - 1992-

69. Lippard, Lucy R. , "Pop Art", Reprint of the book written originally in 1966. 216 pages wityh 187 illustrations in color & B&W and references, contributions by Lawrence Alloway, Nancy Calas & Nancy Marmer. Tames & Hudson, England. World of Art series, ISBN 0-500-20052-1 -1992-

70. Bantock Nick. "Sabine's Notebook ; The extraordinary Corrrespondence of Griffin & Sabine Continues". Not a mail art book, but yet it deals with the fictive artistic correspondence of two people , part-2. Written and illustrated by Nick Ban tock. Published by Chronicle Books, San Francisco, USA ISBN 0-8118-0180-2 Printed in Hong Kong.


71. Kaufmann, Peter W., Congress Chronology DNC '92 , edition of 16 books only for Netlinks with lots of details on the DNC92-year.. ISBN 3-952 0494-0-9 , Ebmatingen, Switserland.

72. Küstermann, Peter & Pahler, Angela. "Personal Delivery Congress Post 92". This Documentary Calalogue is a unique piece of work. Over 200 pages with color xeroxes, little addition from the incredible tour arround the world where they met a lot of mail artists everybody knows and the purpose of the trip was to bring the mail of others personally. The tour was a part of the DNC 92, and the most impressive part of the congress year without any doubt. Printed in Denmark, England, Germany and Tasmania in 1992/1993. The color elements vary in each edition of this book and every book is handmade. Limited 1st edition of 500. Edition in the TAM-Archive : #22

73. Bleus, Guy. Building Plans & Schemes. Wellen, Belgium 1993. Catalogue of a mail-art Project.

74.* Angela & Peter Netmail, Network Discussions. Reports on the DNC 92. Black Image Lounge, Jakarta, Indonesia. A compila tion of texts that Angela & Peter gathered. Typed and published by one of the mail artists they visited. -1993-

75. Sousa, Pere. Mail Art exhibition. Catalog of the project organized by Pere Sousa in Spain.

76. Bleus, Guy, A networking Fax-project & Performance, March & April 1993. Edited by DE FABRIEK, Eindhoven, Netherlands & TAC - 42.292 , Wellen, Belgium -1993-

77. Lipinsky, Georg, "Gnomes" (Zwerge). Mail-Art project in Germany -1993- Box with copies (B&W and many colored reproduc tions) of all contributions to this project.

78. Perneczky, Géza. "The magazine Network" The trends of alternative art in the light of their periodicals 1968-1988". English translation from "a Haló" published in Hungarian 1991. Edition Soft Geometry, Köln, Germany

79. Timbre d'Artistes. Musée de la Poste, Paris. Wonderful calalog (244 pages) of an exhibition held at this museum about artistamps. The catalog contains lots of reproductions (all in color!) and biographies of the artists. Coordinator of the project was Jean-Nočl Laszlo, who also interviewed some artist connected to the artistamp world. Text in French language and English translation. ISBN 2-905412-21-6 , Paris, France.

80. Ruch, Günther, "Schweizer Mail-Art Szene 1970-80", Over view of the Swiss Mail art projects in this period. Data collected by Günther Ruch, Genéva, Switserland and published in limited edition. 22 pages, -1993-

81. Date paintings in 89 cities, Exhibition by On Kawara. Edition by Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Catalog for an exhibition at four different locations (Rotterdam, Hamburg, Boston and MOMA-San Francisco). Text in the 260 pages book is in Dutch, English and German language and contains 89 color lithographic reproductions of On Kawara's work in the period 1966-1991. Limited edition of 3,000 copies was printed and sponsored by Museum in Rotterdam. Printed in Netherlands by Rosbeek BV, 1993.


82. Silence in Art, Catalog of mail-art project from the 'Stiltemuseum' (Museum of Silence), 1994, Netherlands.

83. Barrile, Paolo. Afgoi. Concept, Memory , Writing , Communication. Milano, 1994

84. Kronig, Karl. Musée des PTT Suisses. MAIL-ART, Netzwerk der Künstler. With an issue of artistamps designed by 64 mail-artists. 1994

85. Bleus, Guy. "Een dialoog tussen de postbode en zijn electronische schaduw." Book in Dutch language with discourses on mail art. -1994- Wellen, Belgium.

86. Diamantini, Chiara. FE/MAIL ART. Dedicato Donna. Museo Dell'Informazione Comune di Senigallia. Febbraio 1994

87. Winnes, Friedrich & Wohlrab, Lutz. "Mail Art Szene DDR 1975-1990". Historic documentation about the East-German mail-art. Text in German language and lots of illustrations. 124 pages with ca. 350 illustrations in two colors. ISBN 3-7759-0390-9

88. Angela & Peter, "Netwoking Yearbook 1993", a 159 pages book with several hand made add-to's in color. The booklet illustrates the travels of Angela and Peter in the year 1993, punlished in Januari 1994.

89. Meyer, Peter R. "Mailed Art in Uppsala - Choosing your partner". Catalog of a mail art exhibition in Sweden. This 128 pages catalog includes color-reproductions, texts, the top-20 of mail artists and a list with addresses of contributors. ISBN 91.970712-1-8

90. DaDa Global. An overview book of the DaDa-movement, with contributions from Raimund Meyer, Judith Hossli, Guido Magnaguagno, Juri Steiner and Hans Bolliger. Text in German. Without knowing it, a lot of mail artist are repeating the things that the Dada´sts were doing. This overview-book gives a good indication about that. The 471- pages book cointains lots of illu strations, reproductions of works (black & white & color), a bibliography, artists-biographies and a very good index. Pu blished by Limmat Verlag, Złrich, Switserland. 1994 - ISBN 3-85791.224.3


91. Gammon, Lee. Thesis on mail art, St. Leonards, England. -1995-

92.* Barrile, Paolo, "Earth age, plastic age, ... age" Ampli fied Art, Edizione Armadio Officina, Milano Italy. Documentation of three projects. Italy, 1995

93. Welch, Chuck. Eternal Network, a mail art anthology, 1995, University of Calgary Press.

94. Broi, Gianni. Alternative Creativity and human values - Free dogs in the Galaxy. International conference May 8th 1994. Edizione Regione Tosnana , Marzo 1995.

95. L'art du Tampon, Paris 1995. MusÚe de la Poste, ISBN 2-905412-26-7. Catalog of exhibition.

96. Stamps & Stories, Mail-Art '95. Catalogue of a mail-art exhibition in Luxemburg. Editions Phi, Luxemburg. ISBN 3-88865-119-0. -1995-

97. Faas, Paul, Communicatienetwerken. Thesis on mail-art and future in mail-art for 'Hogeschool voor de Kunsten' department Graphic design, Utrecht. -1995-

98. Janssen, Ruud. Overview of Rubberstamps in the TAM-Rubberstamp Archive - Part 1. TAM-Publications 950075 , Tilburg, Netherlands.

99. Gaglione, Bill & Held Jr. , John. "L'Art Tampon" Stamp Art Editions 1995, San Francisco, USA. A special Rubber stamp edition of the FAKE PICABIA Bros. tour of Europe from 1 to 11 May 1995. -1995-

100. Held, John Jr. , "Art from the Rim: The New York Corres pondance School of San Francisco Artistamp Travel Diary" May/June 1995, Stamp Art Editions, San Francisco

101. Dadaland, Held, Mars. , "Ken Friedman Rubber Stamps". Stamp Art Editions, San Francisco, USA. A catalog of the exhi bition held at the Stamp Art Gallery 4-29 November 1995. With this catalogue belongs a rubber stamp set with reproductions of the 6 different Fluxus-stamps. Signed edition of 50 copies

102. Francois, Charles. "Multimedia Correspondence". B&W works from Charles Franţois. R.A.T. editions 1995, LiÚge, Belgium

103. Lumb, Michael. "PHD on Mail Art" A print-out of the first three chapters of the PHD Michael Lumb is working on. It is the preview-version of an extensive work on mail art.

104. "Marcel Duchamp, Respirateur.", Catalog of the exhibition at "Staatliches Museum Schwerin", August-November 1995, Germa ny. Foreword by Kornelia von Berswordt- Wallrab. 235 pages, illustrations in color & B/W on white and tranparent paper. ISBN 3- 86106-015-9, Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern, Germany -1995-

105. Tisma, Andrej. "Fax HeART", catalog of the fax-project held in October 1994 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.

106. Weitemeier, Hannah. "Yves Klein". 95 pages with co lor-illustrations & bibliography. Published by Taschen Verlag, Keulen, Germany in Dutch language. Includes reproduction of the famous 'blue stamp' that Yves Klein used. ISBN 3-8228-9193-2 , Printed in Germany -1995-

107. Mink, Janis. "Marcel Duchamp". 95 pages with co lor-illustrations & bibliography. Published by Taschen Verlag, Keulen, Germany in Dutch language. ISBN 3-8228-9192-4 , Printed in Germany. -1995-

108. Mekkink, Pingen & Van Strien, "Kunst van Nu", Art ency clopedia of the Art since 1970. printed by Primavera Pers 1995, Leiden Holland. Dutch Language. The book deals with new art forms and the new artists and has special focus on Dutch ar tists. The 336 pages book is richly illustrated and one of the subjects it deals with is Mail Art and some related artists. ISBN 90.74310.12.5 Leiden, Holland

to continue the list of 1996 and newer press: BOOKS PUBLISHED in 1996 and 1997

Please note that the TAM-Archive welcomes any new books that fit the subject. They will be documented and listed in this file as well

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