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Books from 1996 and newer!

updated: 26-6-1997

This documentation contains information about BOOKS that are in the TAM-ARCHIVES. The list isn't complete yet, as I am going through the archive of boxes to make the document complete. The overview contains the larger publications that are interesting for research on MAIL ART. There are also lots of boxes with catalogs of mail-art projects that only contain address-lists and some reprints of contributions. I have selected the documents that tell about the history and backgrounds of mail-art.

If someone needs more information about one of the publications,just let me know.


109. Janssen, Ruud. "Some thoughts on Mail Art", The first ten articles written by Ruud Janssen in the period 1993 till 1996 bundled into one publication. Ten different articles on diffe rent subjects, TAM-Publications 960129, May 1996, TAM, Tilburg, Netherlands, 60 pages, -1996-

110. Kamperelic, Dobrica. "Open World, Open Mind - Otvoreni Svet, Otvorena Svest", book about modern art, mail art and networking. With texts from other mail artists, interviews by Dobrica with active participants in the mail art network and other modern art streams. Book publish

111. Felter, Jas W. International Directory of Artistamp Creators. The sourcebook for all information about artistamps. Computer-aided publication and bound by hand. Contains Forward, Introduction, Definitions, List of artists and Producers, Exhibition-overview, Collections-overview and several indexes to make reaserch easy. The complete information is also put on-line by Jas W. Felter. Printed in Vancouver Canada, FIVE/CINQ Unlimited, ISBN 0-9697355-0-3, -1996-

112. Staatliches Museum Schwerin, Germany. "OSTEUROPA, Mail Art im Internationalen Netzwerk". Catalog of an overview-exhibition organized by the Schwerin Museum in Schwerin, Germany. The exhibition focusses on the mail art and networking-activities that took place in Eastern-Europe in the years 70-80's before the Berlin Wall came down and the USSR fell apart. This catalog of over 300 pages contains lots of historic information as well as texts from a lot of the mail art players from that time. Also it is illustrated with black & white photo's and reproductions in connection to the mail art from Eastern Europe. ISBN 3-86106- 021-3 , published by Staatliches Museum Schwerin, Germany -1996-

113. Jesch, Birger. "Gazetta". Documentation of the pro ject Gazetta that was held in 1995. The exhibition was first done in the Schwerin Museum and was part of the exhibition "OstEuropa Mail Art im Internationalen Netzwerk". The catalog contains reproduction of a large selection of the works that were send in. Also a participants-list and texts to explain the project. -1996-

114. "Mail Art - Future Communication", Mail art project organised by the danisch Postal Office in the year 1996, the year that Copenhagen is the Cultural Center of Europe. The medium used for the exhibition was 'paper'. The colorful brochure issued by the Postal Office in Copenhagen, Denmark shows the variety of contributions and contains also texts to explain the project. Text by Anne Vilsbřl , Denmark -1996-

115. GALANTAI - LIFEWORKS, published by Artpool, Budapest, Hungary. This books, in English and Hungarian, the artistic work of György Galántai, a major figure of the Hungarian art scene of the last quarter century, is presented. The book contains 432 black and white and 75 color illustrations and excerps from the artist's notebooks. An introduction chapter is written by Géza Perneczky. A very well done book indeed. ISBN 963-8477-16-4 , Enciklopédia Kiadó, Hungary -1996-

116. Held Jr., John. "The TAM Rubberstamp Archive of Ruud Janssen". Catalog of an exhibition held at the Stamp Art Gallery in San Francisco in October 1996. This 85 pages documentation con tains texts by John Held Jr, a reproduction of the Newsletter of the Archive (August 1996), and the 10-pages long CV of Ruud Janssen. Besides these texts also photo's and other illustrati ons are included, as well as reproduction of a selection (80 stampssheets from different participants) which were exhibited at the Gallery.

117. Ports of Entry: "William S. Burroughs and the arts". by Robert A. Sobieszek with an afterword by William S. Burroughs. The book was published in conjunction with an exhibition: "William S. Burroughs and the arts" at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Arts. Although William S. Burroughs is not a mail artist, lots of mail artists are influences by his work. He makes collages, uses the same materials mail artists like to use, and even used postage stamps in his works. 192 pages with 208 illustrations, 97 in color. Printed by Thames and Hudson, New York, USA. ISBN 0-500-97435-7

118. Nord, Wilfried. "Schachtelmuseum". Over 200 pages thick catalog of a mail art project currated by Wilfried Nord. The book contains essays, reproductions of art-works and also biographies of the participating artists. Text in German and English. Frankfurt a. Main , Germany. Nold, 1996. ISBN 3-922220-76-2

119. Information Sickness , "Elective Surgery" #8 in the series, published in 1996. 96 pages with informations, collages and everything the eye wants...... Published by Alan K. Lipton, USA. -1996-


120. Bleus, Guy. "E-pele-Mele" 1994-1995 . Electronic Art Netzine, Printed version of the netzines Guy Bleus issued on the inter net including 'the times they are changing' met fotomateriaal van ontmoetingen met Simon Vinkenoog , Marc Didden, Jan Donk ers. Photo's by Dirk Jennes. Published by PCBK - Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, Begijnhof Hasselt, Limburg, Belgium -1997-

121. "I Mostra Biennal d'Art D'Alcoi". Catalog of an exhibition in which work from mail artists is included. The organisation of the project was done by the 'Centre Cultural D'Alcoi in Alcoi, Spain. The catalog contains a brief foreword and color-illu stration of a part of the exhibited works. -1997-

122. Archer, Michael. "Art since 1960", 224 pages with 180 illustra tions (74 in color). During the past 40 years, profound and multifarious changes have taken place in art. This book gives an overview. Thames and Hudson , ISBN 0-500-20298-2 -1997-

123. Richter, Hans, "Dada , art and anti-art". 246 pages with 179 illustrations (8 in color). "Where and how Dada began is al most as difficult to determine as Homer's birthplace', writes Hans Richter, artist and film-maker closely associated with this radical and transforming movement from its earliest days. Thames and Hudson , ISBN 0-500-20039-4. Hans Richter died in 1976. Book originally published in Köln , 1964. English translation in 1997 by David Britt. -1997-

124. Smith, Edward Lucie. "Movements in art since 1945". Issues and concepts. A clear . swift-moving account of the visual arts in the past half-century. Thames and Hudson, 304 pages , 263 illustrations (78 in color) ISBN 0-500-20282-6 -1997-

Please note that the TAM-Archive welcomes any new books that fit the subject. They will be documented and listed in this file as well

There is also a printed version of the list with all the publications in the TAM-Archive. If you are interested in a print-out, just let me know and I'll send you the conditions of how to get this.

updated version: 26-6-1997

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