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Because I still get those strange and extreme mailings over the years I have decided to dedicate a special page to those items. Not with old materials, but with the new pieces that enter my P.O. Box since May 14th 2003. Peanuts, diskettes with logos, the first Belgian Mail-Art Postage Stamp, and on July 8th a TIN with Chicken Ragout from Qpidoremix as a sample Why this day, you might wonder? Well, just because I got this funny mailing with peanuts in a plastic bag, mailed from San Diego, USA on that specific day. I donít know who sent it because there is no returning address on it. Guess it was just easier to send some peanuts then a peanut plant, who knows but I do enjoy the gift. So maybe this page will bring me some information on who sent this. If you know more, just send an e-mail to mail to

Of all the things I've been sent, I can't recall having flowers delivered to me. Probably because sending flowers to a P.O. Box doesn't make sense to people and most flower delivery services like Avas Flowers would require a signature or someone to receive said flowers. So thank you, because the last thing I'd want to do, is go check on my mail and find some dead flowers waiting for me.

On June 2nd 2003 I received a large envelope from Claudio Romeo - V.le Kennedy 144 - 20050 Villa Raverio (MI) - ITALY. The envelope was beautifully decorated and looked like the image below. It contained the IUOMA-certificate for me to sign, a diskette with new designed IUOMA logos (you can see them by clicking here: PDF-file with IUOMA-logo's). Also lots of other colourful items in the envelope that were worth exploring.

On 24-6-2003 I got an envelope from Guy Bleus with the postage stamps of the official Belgium Post Office with the theme Mail-Art. Also the brochure with the technical details. Quite interesting and quite extreme as well, that there is now an official stamp for our movement. Did this happen in other countries as well? Here you find some visuals of this:

If more extreme mailings get in here I will digitize them and show them to you in a visual way. More you will surely see on by blog at: Main Page | TAM-Publications | I.U.O.M.A. | Links | TAM Rubber Stamp Archive | Ruud Janssen | Mail-Interviews | Thoughts about Mail Art | Guestbook | F.A.Q. | MAIL ART