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Statistics about TAM-mail & TAM-site.

Most of you know that I like statistics. I do keep track of a lot of things , and three of those list I can easily convert into graphics which I will put online for you. Since the graphics are produced by statistical programs I have decided to put them online in original size. This way I can upload the newest files very quickly.


I started with mail art in 1980. In the beginning I kept files of what I sent out, but those were lost. In 1991 I started again keeping track of how much mail I sent out each month. This overview shows you how things go till March 1998.

snail-mail sent out by TAM & IUOMA

PAGEVIEWS per day at TAM & IUOMA-site

Since October 1997 I have the NEDSTAT-program running on the entrance of my site. This gives a detailed overview of the pageviews there are each days. Pageviews are something else then hits. It give an idea how much different IP-numbers access the site. So if someone pushes the re-load button, it doesn't make the counter go higher! This overview is updated till 18-04-1998.

Pageviews per day at TAM & IUOMA site

PAGEVIEWS each month at TAM & IUOMA-site

From the pageviews I can get the details of how many pageviews there are each month. This overview is updated till 18-04-1998.

Pageviews per month at TAM & IUOMA site

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