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Ruud Janssen, Mail Artist, publisher of mail-interviews, founder of the IUOMA & the TAM Rubber Stamp Archive, and basically all that has to do with mail art...

Look at latest changes of this site at: OVERVIEW UPDATES or see my go to my BLOG IUOMA-BLOG where most recent mail-art coming in and going out is documented or the TAM-PUBLICATIONS BLOG where you can find information on the publications I made, the overview of PAINTED CD'S I made , TAM RUBBER STAMP ARCHIVE BLOG where you can view the content of the archive or TAM & RUUD FINDINGS where I document my latest online project in which you can participate. There is also a mirror-site for the MAIL-INTERVIEW PROJECT in case the other site is not available. Last but not least the TAM WAS HERE collection - A Mail-Art Project I did in 1983-1986

If you are looking for recent MAIL ART PROJECTS then click on this link. It is a blog with lots of projects filled by lots of mail-artists. Want to be active in this: just send me an e-mail! Also direct links to Archives that are placed here: IUOMA BLOG ARCHIVE and the MAIL-ART PROJECTS ARCHIVE or the STATISTICAL DATA details and how I place them on my sites and blogs. For a real MAIL-ART DISCUSSION there is a blog too, and the latest projects I started are the MAIL-ARTISTS SELFPORTRAITS where I ask mail-artists to send in a photo of themselves (old or new, digital or snail-mail) and the ALPHABET BOOKLETS PROJECT where Add and Pass-on Letters on booklets will circle the world and eventually will form words.


This is the site from TAM; that is the name most people in the mail art network know me by. What Mail Art is you ask? Well, I have tried a lot of times to explain that and to be honest, I guess not a lot of people understood it. But then again, the people who have stumbled onto mail art as well, mostly understand me all too well, and understand the stories that mail artists tell. Basically it has to do with creative communication. There I go again, trying to explain the impossible thing...... If you want to get in contact with other mail-artists just leave a note in the messageboard attached to this site (see on the right) or join the IUOMA-Group.

You can also read the new IUOMA blog at: NEW IUOMA BLOG 2015 which is a blog made to access all the sources I have put online, including this old-fashioned looking website.

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TAM stands for Travelling Art Mail, and under this name I have been doing mail art for more then 30 years now. Seems like a long time, but actually so far it still is a very important period in my life with new contacts , travels and other undertakings.... The IUOMA stands for International Union of Mail Artists and is now 21 years old! On this site there is a special section of the IUOMA as well.

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