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updated : 11-12-2001 (all unfinished interviews too....)

The start

The project started in 1994 where I started to interview people. Not just anybody, but I choose the mail artists that I was in contact with or the mail artists I had heard about. Mail art is a strange thing. Only by doing it one can find out what it actually is all about. Well, so I am told, and I must say, that after becoming involved in mail art I couldn't explain to others what mail art was, unless they were involved themselves too. The interviews were meant to find out what mail art was according to other mail artists.

hardcopy version of 4 interviews that are publishedThe interviews were not done in the normal way. The mail (now called snail-mail) is gradually being taken over by the other communication-forms, and I decided to explore the different communication-forms also with this interview-project. Some interviews were done by mail, some by fax, some by e-mail, some actually included personal delivory of the questions or answers. But finally when the interview was ready, it was published too. Today (25-3-2001) there are 47 interviews finished of which already 37 are published in a booklet format. Most interviews (especially the latest ones) are also issued as e-mail versions, and currently Jas W. Felter from Canada has published them as WWW-editions in his cyberlibrary. The first 41 he put online and new interviews are on-line on my own site.

On this page I hope to inform you how the project has developed. Due to changing on the Internet and the locations of the sites, I have made a mirror-site with the interviews at:


So, when you are looking for specific interviews and can't find them, also have a look there.

Who were interviewed.....

the color-version of the hardcopy issue of Tisma's interview Well, The names of the mail artists who's interview hasn't been finished I always keep unknown to the network. This is so the interview doesn't get influenced by others when it is in process. The interviews that have been published are with (in order of finishing): Michael Leigh (UK) , Klaus Groh (Germany) , arto posto (USA) , Michael Lumb (UK) , Rod Summers (Holland) , Henning Mittendorf (Germany) , Dobrica Kamperelic (Yugoslavia), Chuck Welch (USA) , Robin Crozier (UK) , Anna Banana (Canada) , John Held Jr. (USA) , Carlo Pittore (USA) , Jenny de Groot (Holland) , Svjetlana Mimica (Croatia) , Ken Friedman (Norway) , Dick Higgins (USA) , Ashley Parker Owens (USA) , Clemente Padin (Uruguay) , Mark Bloch (USA) , Mark Greenfield (England) , Patricia Collins (UK) , John M. Bennett (USA) , Ray Johnson (USA)- sadly enough this interview was broken of because of Ray's suicide on Januray 13th 1995 , Jenny Soup (USA) , E.F. Higgins (USA) , Rudi Rubberoid (USA) , Robert Rocola (USA) the color-version of the hardcopy issue of Corbett's interview , Andrej Tisma (Yugoslavia), Vittore Baroni (Italy) , Ayah Okwabi (Ghana) , Julie Hagan Bloch (USA) , Julie Paquette - ex posto facto (USA) , Michael B. Corbett (USA) , IBIRICO (Spain) , Günther Ruch (Switzerland) , Carol Stetser (USA) , Tim Mancusi (USA) , Edgardo Antonio Vigo (Argentina) , Al (Blaster) Ackerman (USA) , Jonathan Stangroom (USA) , Litsa Spathi (Germany) , Guy Bleus (Belgium) , Anna Boschi (Italy) , José van den Broucke (Belgium) , Roy Arenella (USA) , Mike Dyar (USA) , Norman Solomon (Mr. Postcards - USA) , Clive Phillpot , England , ...........(more to follow)

The list above is updated till 7-7-2000. There are currently about 23 more interviews in progress, but to make sure that there is no interference from outside I am keeping the names of these people secret. Only when the interview is ready in concept the name of the mail artist will be added to this list. The stars ** behind a name (see the complete newsletter for this!) means that the interview has been finished, but that it hasn't been published yet. This normally takes some time too. The interviews are published in booklet-form (two versions), and are also spread in an e-mail version. Finally they will be put up as a WWW-version to at the library of The JCM.the color-version of the hardcopy issue of Michael Leigh's interview

Interviews already put online:

Al (Blaster) Ackerman, USA , Roy Arenella , USA , Anna Banana, Canada , Vittore Baroni, Italy , John M. Bennett, USA , Guy Bleus , Belgium , Julie Hagan Bloch, USA , Mark Bloch, USA , Anna Boschi , Italy , Jose van den Broucke , Belgium , Patricia Collins, England , the color-version of the hardcopy issue of Mark Bloch's interview Michael B. Corbett, USA , Robin Crozier, England , Mike Dyar , USA , Jenny de Groot, Netherlands , Mark Greenfield, England , Ken Friedman, Norway , Klaus Groh, Germany , John Held Jr., USA - Dallas Part-1 , John Held Jr., USA - San Francisco Part-2 , Dick Higgins, USA , Edward F. Higgins III, USA , Ibirico , Spain , Ray Johnson, USA , Dobrica Kamperelic Yugoslavia , Michael Leigh, England , Michael Lumb, England , Tim Mancusi , USA , Svjetlana Mimica, Croatia , Henning Mittendorf, Germany , Ashley Parker Owens, USA , Julie Paquette, USA , Ayah Okwabi, Ghana , Jurgen O. Olbrich , Germany , Clemente Padin, Uruguay , Clive Phillpot , England , Carlo Pittore, USA , Arto Posto, USA , Robert Rocola , USA , Rudi Rubberoid, USA , Gunther Ruch, Switzerland ,the color-version of the hardcopy issue of Rudi Rubberoid's interview Mr. Postcard - Norman Solomon , (USA) , Jenny Soup, USA , Litsa Spathi (Part-1 , text) , Germany , Litsa Spathi (Part-2 , visual) , Germany , Jonathan Stangroom , USA , Carol Stetser, USA , Rod Summers, Netherlands , Andrej Tisma, Yugoslavia , Edgardo Antonio Vigo , Argentina , Chuck Welch, USA .

Latest news:

A few years ago the mail-interview project came to an end. There are a lot of unfinished interviews as well, and here below you can find a list and a link to those unfinished texts:

Ruggero Maggi (Italy), H.R. Fricker (Switserland), Ko de Jonge (Netherlands), Raphael Nadolny (Poland), Rea Nikonova (Russia), Birger Jesch (Germany), Daniel Plunkett (USA), Patricia Tavenner (USA), Keith Bates (England), Judith A. Hoffberg (USA), Bern Porter (USA), Peter Kustermann (Germany), Steve Perkins (USA), John Evans (USA), Marie Stilkind (USA), Julia Tant (England) , The Unexpected , Netherlands ,. Remember that these are just the rough draughts. They might contain some errors and type-mismatches. I just wanted you to have a look in the kitchen of these mail-interviews as well. I only put those online with some content.

  • INTERVIEWS with Ruud Janssen - online versions:

    Someone who interviews so many artists can expect that the ball is returned. So it did, and some mail-artists wanted to interview me for a change. Here are some interviews I gave for you to read:

    1. A mail-interview with Ruud Janssen by Dobrica Kamperelic (YU) ,
    2. A mail-interview with Ruud Janssen by Carol Stetser (USA) ,
    3. A mail-interview with Ruud Janssen by Mark Greenfield (UK) ,
    4. A mail-interview with Ruud Janssen by H.R. Fricker (Switserland).

      Do you want to read the newsletter?

      the color-version of the hardcopy issue of ex posto's interview Lucky enough there is a complete newsletter. Besides the printed version I put the complete text online and you can access it by just clicking HERE.

      Do you want to read some of these interviews?

      hardcopy version of interview with Guy Bleus - published by Joel (USA) I have to thank Jas W. Felter for all his help. He has put them in his library. It isn't complete yet, but already about 45 interviews are online, and just press on READ INTERVIEWS to go to the menu to select the interview of your choice. Please remember that the COPYRIGHT belongs to TAM. So you can read them and print them for your own pleasure, but if you want to publish the interview, you have to contact me AND the interviewed mail artist first. For this purpose the interviews have all the information for this at the end.

      Some interviews are quite long, so it can be online in two or three parts. Please keep that in mind.

      On this page I hope to inform you how the project has developed. Due to changing on the Internet and the locations of the sites, I have made a mirror-site with the interviews at:


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