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The International Union Of Mail Artists

This is an overview of information that is available about the IUOMA.
Since 28-6-2002 there is a Group home page : IUOMA-GROUP PAGE where all members can join and leave messages. Also you can reach all members via e-mail and leave photo's by yourself. Reach the IUOMA-Members via the Group email : (possible via the site once you have become a online member!

Since November 2008 there is a new platform for the IUOMA-members that can be found at:

Visit International Union of Mail-Artists

  1. General Information.
  2. How the IUOMA got started - History.
  3. The old membershipcard.
  4. The logo of the IUOMA and Stickers (large).
  5. Important thing to know for IUOMA-members.


  6. Information on all kind of logo's and visuals.
  7. Promoting the IUOMA.
  8. The new Membershipcard.
  9. Overview of ALL contributions from IUOMA-members.
  10. Certificate for IUOMA-members (print and sign and send to me...)

  11. A view of how the online IUOMA-group grew the first year.
  12. Direct link to the IUOMA-group at Yahoo!
  13. The Web-Shop for IUOMA products is available at : Webshop IUOMA PR-Products.

The Changing artistamp (above) I got from the Museum of Communication in Bern, Switserland, where they have some documentation online about a mail art project they once organized

Find more photos like this on International Union of Mail-Artists

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