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LOGOS for the The International Union Of Mail Artists

This is an overview of logos for and by members of the IUOMA.

This first logo is made in the beginning period of the IUOMA (1988) by Ruud Janssen. It is a special skyline-font made with the computer. At first the logo exsisted only in printed form. In 1990 about 5000 red stickers on PVC were printed , and also the logo was used in the IUOMA-magazine and on the first issues of the membershipcards. Mr. Brown from Germany made the logo into a digital format (1997) for his homepage, and since then it is available online as well.

info about the IUOMA

A set of special (simple) stickers were designed for the Union in February 1998 by Ruud Janssen. A round orange sticker (IUOMA member) and a golden one (member of IUOMA) to make it possible for members to spread the word that they are a member.

The digital format of one of those stickers contains a special joke since the two words (MEMBER and IUOMA) are switched. So by using the sticker the person him/herself becomes a IUOMA member (just like the persons that ask me if they can become a member automatically become a member because they ask).

info about the IUOMA

In March 1998 Jas W. Felter from Canada designed this colourfull logo for the IUOMA. He sent it to me by e-mail, and I immediately put it available for everybody online. This logo also started me making this special overview where I will start to make all digital endavours available for everybody. If you see & read this page and are a member of the IUOMA, why not create another item for the union. I still need digital membershipcards , gif-animations , awards , etc.

Be creative and help the Union with your designs. This file will keep you updated.

membershipcard designed by Sean Woodward

On March 30th 1998 I received the design from Sean Woodward (the IUOMA Ambassador to Cyberspace, living in England). IUOMA members can print the membershipcard themselves and fill in the text. Only a good colour-photo is needed to place on it , and you are a member. Thanks for this beautiful design Sean, you are a good Ambassador for the IUOMA!

I will see if I find the possibillity to print the membership-cards in colour and can issue them myself, but due to the structure of the IUOMA , it is easier to make the card yourself. We don't have to worry about strangers who will use the cards, because everybody who makes a membershipcard of the IUOMA and uses it , automatically becomes a member of the IUOMA just by doing so!

The Animated gif-logo was made by Ruud Janssen in April 1998. It is part of the started advertising-campain to ask more people to become a member of the IUOMA. Members could use this file for putting on their own homepages while directing them to the IUOMA-site. They can hyperlink the graphic to the IUOMA-main page.
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The Sticker Dude (Joel) from NY arranged a special logo for the IUOMA that is available as a rubber stamp and as sticker. More information about getting these items is available soon. If you can't wait, just write to The Sticker Dude / Ragged Edge Press / 102 Fulton St. , NYC , NY 10038 , USA , and when you ask for information don't forget to include an IRC or a buck for the costs for him to reply to your mail.
info about the IUOMA

A new logo for IUOMA-MEMBERS that resembles the sticker version. Only this one is a interlaced .GIF file with a different font, while the previous one was a .JPG file.

The 10,000 Orange stickers (which look like the first version) are sent into the mail-art network during these months, so you might see them on your mail..... If someone makes new stickers for the Union, I would like to receive a few copies.

Toon Joosen (Netherlands) scanned the orange sticker and a stamp-print in very large scale for his virtual Gallery:

Michael Leigh - A1 from England made two special collages for the IUOMA. They were very detailed and the two photos below give you an idea of what he made>......

Collage for the IUOMA by Michael Leigh (A1) (1998) Collage for the IUOMA by Michael Leigh (A1) - UK. (1999)

Lois Klassen (her new address is: Box 74540 - Kitsiland / Vancouver V6K-4P4 / CANADA) sent me a role of stickers with the text I O U M A - I owe you mail art on it (received them September 2000). The abbreviation of IUOMA is changed in a dyslectic way to make this joke work. I used the stickers on my outgoing mail for the IUOMA.
If you have special wishes or reactions, if you made logos or other digital things , want an e-mail with attached the logo of your choice , just send your e-mail to :

e-mail the GENERAL PRESIDENT OF THE IUOMA ( and I will react online as well (if the space allows it)

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