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How to promote the International Union Of Mail Artists:

As soon as you are a member of the IUOMA (and you are so when you apply to become a member) you can start to promote the IUOMA. There are several ways to do so. Here are some hints of how you can do that:

  1. Mention in all the documents that you produce that you are a member of the IUOMA. There are even stickers available for this! (the golden ones that say"member of the IUOMA" and a round orange ones that saying"IUOMA member".

  2. Get the rubberstamp of the IUOMA and use it on you outgoing mail. More details of the stamps and other logos you can find on the IUOMA-LOGOS PAGE. You can also design your own IUOMA-material using the logos available. If you create new material, don't forget to send one copy to the IUOMA-archives.

  3. If you are online and have your own homepage or site, use one of the IUOMA-logos on the main-page. Also try to make other people a member of the IUOMA by using the special animated gif banner , and make a hypelink to the IUOMA-page. For this you only need to place the lines in your source-code of the page as I did in this page (have a look at the SOURCE-CODE on your browser!

    If you have placed these lines on your page it will, while automatically get the banner to the page, and when people click on it guide them to the IUOMA-main page.

  4. Never explain the concept of the IUOMA in too much details. The fun is of course to proclaim yourself a member of the IUOMA without people knowing what it is all about. We are an International Union of Mail Artists just because we work together.

  5. If you want you can claim your own function within the IUOMA. There are already lawyers , layout-people , ambassadors , you name it. If your role requires a special function, just let me know. But remember, when you ask if you can have a special function, just by asking you automatically acquire the function.

  6. There is a form in which it is declared that you are an official member of the IUOMA. Please print this FORM and fill it out. If you send it to me I will be happy to sign it.

1996-2008 IUOMA.

The first IUOMA-magazine that came out in 1991:

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