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THE MAIL-INTERVIEW WITH KO DE JONGE                                                                   16


Started on: 9-12-1994


RJ :     Welcome to this mail-interview. First let me ask you the traditional question. When did you get involved in the mail-art network?


Reply on: 6-9-1995


(Ko replied before that he would take part in my Mail-interview project, but that it could take some time because of his other work. His first answer came in the form of a xerox of a collage he made of his first work)


KdJ:    The first time I've sent a work of art by mail, 1974, cost Fl. 0,35


RJ :     How come you remember so clearly the price of the postage on your first work?


Reply on 13-9-1995


(Ko de Jonge's reply again was a visual one with a reproduction of Peter van Beveren's postcard to Ko de Jonge. Ko wrote that he will probably answer more questions in a visual way, and I will probably include all of them in the final printed version of the interview)


KdJ:    In the early seventies nobody had to pay more. Also Peter van Beveren sent his statements for this price in October 1975


RJ :     1975 is a long time ago. Since then the postage rates have increased a lot, a postcard now costs 70 cents, and sending things abroad realy got expensive. Besides the postage-prices, have there been other changes too in the mail art you send out, and the mail art you receive?


Reply on 26-9-1995


KdJ:    Twenty years ago I received works of art by mail. Nowadays I see much stuff (as chainletters etc.) in my P.O.Box marked with a rubber stamp 'mail art'.


RJ :     "Works of art by mail" , "rubber stamp 'mail art'," what exactly IS mail art in your eyes?


Reply on 11-1-1996


KdJ:    Mail art is art


RJ :     I almost don't dare to ask, but what is art for you?


Reply on 19-1-1996


(Another visual answer from Ko de Jonge)


KdJ:    Art is a secret start and will pass the extremes.


RJ :     Which extremes did you pass?


(On April 26th I received an invitation to visit an exhibition in Vlissingen, Holland, where Ko de Jonge has an installation called "de boodschappen" which is opened on 28-04-96 and is there till 23-06-96)




Address mail-artist:


Ko de Jonge,

Postbus 7082

4330 GD Middelburg.



Address Interviewer:


Ruud Janssen

P.O. Box 10388

5000 JJ Tilburg