#59 in the series of mail-interviews by Ruud Janssen Ė March 25th 2001

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This interview was done in German Language. It was started on 30-12-1995 and was broken off in May 1996 because the next question I sent to Litsa Spathi was never answered. We did continue our correspondence though, and the covers of the envelopes form the 2nd part of this interview (see visual part on the interview-list) are published on this site.

Only on 12th of March 2001 Litsa gave me her permission to publish the first part of the interview; a 9 pages text with very fresh views about the mail-art network. When I sent her a print of the interview as it was published online she asked me to remove the text from my site which I off course did on March 24th. So the interview was only available for 12 days. I am very interested to know if anyone has read it already....?

I am very sorry that I canít publish this interview anymore. If you are interested in the complete text you have to ask the mail-artist herself for a copy of the text. Maybe you can convince her to publish these words as well.

Address mail-artist:


Peterstalerstr. 194



Address interviewer:

Ruud Janssen

P.O. Box 10388

5000 JJ Tilburg



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