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MAIL ART WORK in 2007 - WEEK 10

2007 - Week 10 - GARBAGE

Garbage? Is it allowed to call some of the mail-art one gets in Garbage? A theme that came up in one discussion I recently had with PLG in Germany. He rememered me that I once mentioned the word in an interview that is done years ago. I used the word in the question: "Do you keep all the mail you get?"...... Getting fingernail clippings in a piece of mail-art may sound funny. But should I keep that in my archive. I didn't. Also, when I receive a tin can with soup, do I archive it? I didn't. I just opened it, ate the soup, documented the process and placed that online (see: The Tin Can by QPIDOREREMIX ). Then I threw away the tin can. What do the readers do with all the mail-art they get? Save all? Add on it and pass it on? Or also make a choice what is saved and what is recycled (one way or the other). I am currious to the reactions....

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