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MAIL ART WORK in 2007 - WEEK 18

2007 - Week 18 - Socks Blog

Found this on a BLOG:

Arriving mail art from Ruud Janssen (Netherlands) - unfortunately a none-socks-post, thats why I photographed it through the sock shaped sheet;

see my explanation: or go to:

Ruud answers on my email, he printed it out and set a little drawing on it; he sent me as well a sheet for his TAM Archiv to rubberstamp it and pass it on; thanks for it.

outgoing mail art - TAM rubberstamps archiv sheet No. 50254 from Ruud Janssen, passing it on to Michael Leigh (United Kingdom), hopefully he will pass it as well on till the sheet is full of rubberstamps to send it back to Ruud Janssen. In May I will start as well a add and return project with my first collARTage edited postcard "cut"- if you like to be part, let me know right now, it is a limited edition. send an email to Roland.Halbritter (a) and I will notice the address already.

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