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MAIL ART WORK in 2008 - WEEK 02

2008 - Week 02 - Mail-Artists Self-Portraits.

A new project has started. You can access it at: Mail-Artists Selfportraits

It is a third tird time I do such a project with Self-Portraits. This time only online and I noticed that it works quite well..... Look for yourself and discover how the Mail-Artists look now (and earlier). The trick on the new blog is indexing very structured. You can find anybody back in a simple list.......

The text on the blog:

Mail-Artists Selfportraits

O.K. Here it goes. Just one more blog with one specific goal. How do you look like? sent me a photo to with as subject: Mail-Art Selfportrait. Attach an image. I will publish your name, country you live in, year photo taken and the photo. The final documentation is just this blog. But somehow I expect that a lot of people are currious to know how all these mail-artists look like....

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