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Other files with mail art by Ruud Janssen : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , most recent .

This page gives you an overview of some mail art pieces I have sent out. They are graphics from mail artists to whom I have sent my (snail-) mail art and they sent a digital copy back to me (or placed it on the Internet).

If you get a piece of mail art from me, I would welcome to get a digital copy of it. I will then add it to this growing documentation. I started this file in June 1998 because Ed Giecek (USA) was so kind to send me a digital photo of him opening the envelope I sent to him.

I sent Francis van Maele (Luxembourgh) an acryl painted envelope as well. Francis (from Edition Phi) scanned the image and e-mailed me the image back on November 2nd 1998 (see above).

The envelope above I sent to Joel (The Sticker Dude). He scanned it and sent the TIFF-file to me end October 1998. I converted it into a JPG-file so it doesn't cost too much memory & time. A typical example of my recent style: many round forms.

The envelope above I sent also to Joel in September 1998 (The Sticker Dude from New York). He returned it by e-mail today (October 21st) and I immediately put it online. Joel is currently working hard on publishing one of the mail-interviews I produced. The latest news about that you can find in the NEWSLETTER I just put online today as well (the November 1998 issue).

Joe Decie from England also received a painted envelope from me. He has access to the internet but doesn't have a scanner. He made a photo of himself holding the envelope and sent this photo to Ed Giecek in the USA. Ed himself doesn't have a scanner as well, but used his digital camera and made the photo above holding this photo in his hand. Then he e-mailed this image to me, and today (September 21st 1998) I received it and put it online!

Ken B. Miller from USA received also a painted envelope from me. He scanned both the front and the back (see above). You can see that the postal office in the USA inspected my mail-art to him and closed the envelope again with that tape. A lot of this 'opening by the postal office' is happening lately....

Bernd Reichert (Brussels , Belgium) tried two times to send me his digital images of my snail mail to him. Somehow these e-mail were always destorted and I couldn't read the files. Then the old-fashioned snail-mail helps us both. He sends me a diskette (arrived on September 16th 1998) with the graphics on it. Now the fun really starts. He has changed the scanned snail-mail images. One time he changed the colours, and in the other image he changed the form (below and above). I feel this project is now really starting. Snail-mail and electronic mail are combined in a beautiful way. And the process of how the images were made contains parts of both the digital as the analog world.

If you receive a piece of snail mail from me and have a scanner or digital camera, I would welcome the digital file (via e-mail). I will add the graphic to this list and mention the background of the piece of mail-art.

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