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Other files with mail art by Ruud Janssen : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , most recent .

This page gives you an overview of some mail art pieces I have sent out. They are graphics from mail artists to whom I have sent my (snail-) mail art and they sent a digital copy back to me (or placed it on the Internet).

If you get a piece of mail art from me, I would welcome to get a digital copy of it. I will then add it to this growing documentation. I started this file in June 1998 because Ed Giecek (USA) was so kind to send me a digital photo of him opening the envelope I sent to him.

On December 11th 1998 I received an e-mail from K. Frank Jensen (Denmark) with attached two graphics of contributions I sent to projects of him. The above contribution is an acryl-painted card. The image below is a drawing with indian ink and watercolours (for his project Ansel)

On December 7th 1998 I received the CD-ROM from the mail-art project curated by Guy Bleus (Belgium) called "1001 DESKS" and organized for the "Centrum Beeldende Kunst" in Groningen (Netherlands). This wasn't the first CD-ROM catalogue Guy worked on. He sure is exploring the new media. Every participant can now watch all the contributions on the screen full-size and in colour. But of course you need the access to a computer. I picked up my contribution from the CD-ROM, and you can see it above.

On November 10th I received the above image of Ed Giecek (USA). This time my envelope landed on the big pile of mail Ed must have received lately....

On November 6th 1998 I received another e-mail from Ed Giecek (USA). It read : "Howdy Ruuud. Just wanted to let you know that your snail mail arrived here today. But I have not even had time to open it! Don't worry though, your mail is on top of the heap!!!"

To prove that, Ed sent a digital image of this heap....! A good way to start a new part in this online exhibition.

In one of the first CR-ROM catalogues I received (from Guy Bleus's project "The Artistamp Collection - Mail Art Networking" one can see all kind of artistamps mail artists have made. Guy put one of my sheets on the catalogue as well, and you can view it above. The CD=ROM was produced and edited in 1996 by T.A.C. - 42.292 in Wellen. Belgium.

If you receive a piece of snail mail from me and have a scanner or digital camera, I would welcome the digital file (via e-mail). I will add the graphic to this list and mention the background of the piece of mail-art.

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