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Other files with mail art by Ruud Janssen : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , most recent .

This page gives you an overview of some mail art pieces I have sent out. They are graphics from mail artists to whom I have sent my (snail-) mail art and they sent a digital copy back to me (or placed it on the Internet).

If you get a piece of mail art from me, I would welcome to get a digital copy of it. I will then add it to this growing documentation. I started this file in June 1998 because Ed Giecek (USA) was so kind to send me a digital photo of him opening the envelope I sent to him.

On February 2nd 1999 I received from Joel Cohen (The Sticker Dude in New York) a digital version of an envelope I sent him recently (see above). Besides this graphic file he also sent me an image taken at the Whitney Museum in New York, where he and many others visited the Ray Johnson exhibition.

Roger Radio (England) bought a scanner, and Joe Decie sent me the (black and white) result of a collage that was made of some old and new stuff Roger has at his place from me (see above). The e-mail I received on January 3rd 1999 after my vacation in Germany.

Tim Mancusi (USA) now also is online, and with his first e-mail he sent me a graphic image of one of the envelopes I sent to him. At first I had a few problems with converting the imagee, but finally I was able to place it online (see above) January 3rd 1999.

Leanda (England) sent me an e-mail wich I read January 3rd 1999. The image (see above) of an envelope I sent to Keith Bates (England) as a part of the mail-interview I am currently doing with him. He previously sent the image on a diskette, which I couldn't read (together with Keith's new tape and an answer to the ongoing interview). The e-mail with the attachment was a better choice. On the Internet systems like MAC and PC seem to communicate better.

K. Frank Jensen (Denmark) liked the networking game of Ed Giecek and Joe Decie and me (see MAIL-ART PART-5) so much he added a new variant to it. I received the e-mail with this photo (above) on December 14th 1998. He writes: "Here is a picture of Joe Decie, holding a letter from Ruud Janssen in his hands, while Ed Giecek is looking over his shoulder and Mrs/Miss X is presenting the same photo of Joe Decie taken while Ed Giecek holds it in his hands........ Got it ???"

The manipulation of graphics for sure is something Frank masters quite nicely.

Ed Giecek (USA) carved a rubber stamp for me, which I naturally used on one of the envelopes I sent to him. Just after opening this letter he sent a digital photo of envelope + content to me on December 12th 1998.

If you receive a piece of snail mail from me and have a scanner or digital camera, I would welcome the digital file (via e-mail). I will add the graphic to this list and mention the background of the piece of mail-art.

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