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Here is a list of all LINKS to MAIL ART SITES and MAIL-ARTBLOGS updated
June 24th 2008.

The list is sorted by country to make access easy. New sites are indicated with:

List is typed by Ruud Janssen / TAM

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Links to other MAIL ART sites on the Web:


Vortice - Visual Poetry & Mail Art
Argentinian Mail-Art group


International M.A. Council of Virtual Lands
Joachim Wilbers - Art and Multimedia
Guy Bleus in Belgium - Administration centre 42.292
Sztuka Fabryka Archive.
The VTCAM recorder of Charles Francois.
Geert de Decker's Mail-Art Group
Luce Fierens & Anina Sebroeck.


Interested in ARTISTAMPS?
Artistamp Gallery.
Jas Cyberspace
Pas de Chance - Home page
Online discussion on Artistamps
A New site fully devoted to Faux Postage - Artistamps!


Hans Braum?ler's Site


The famous Kenny Ostensible! <
Guy Wooles
The SQuark MUseuM by Sol with the FLUXLIST MEMBERS online!
Michael Lumb's Thesis online.
Mail Art exhibition in the U.K.
Mail Art Gallery by Sean Woodward at Dragonheart Press.
The Mail Art site by Tim Drage


Glossolalia (by Jukka Lehmus)


Fluxus Heidelberg Center
Mail-Art FORUM site.
Planet Susannia
Angela and Peter Netmail
The MAIL-ART projects overview by MERLIN - discussionboard
Information about PIPS.

Article about mail art by Dieter Daniels
The online FLUXUS-archive
Reeperbahn 97 / Hans Braumueller.
Litsa Spathi's Biography.


The Frankenstein Mail Art Exhibit.


Visit the huge electronic ARCHIVE of ARTPOOL (Hungary)


Networking and Communication (J.Hopkins)


Demanding the Impossible - Mail Art Show


Bruno Capatti - online - AH!
KAIMAN : Art and New trends : MAIL ART
Paolo Barrile - Messaggio Terra.
The MAGAM - Gallery (Italy).

Luca Brunori / Poplite.
Net Informer '79 - Genova, Italy
Lia Garavina, Italy
Anna Boschi's Page


Info about Japanese Mail-Art
The site from SORA


Francis Van Maele.
Edition Phi.


Gerardo Yepiz's Arte Postal Server.


Ruud Janssen's BOGSPOT
A brand new BLOG by the IUOMA to publish all your mail-art projects!
The other official IUOMA-site
Martijn Engelbregt's creative Mail
Mail Art Portraits - by Brigitte Nieuwbuur

Jenny de Groot & her messageboard!
Ruud Janssen - TAM / IUOMA
The Museum of Instant Images (Netherlands)
Poezie en gemengde beelden, incl. (b-)mail-art.
ZenaZero's Site

MAIL ART ONLINE discussiongroup by Ruud Janssen.
The IUOMA-Group


New site from Bjorn Magnhildoen.
Overview all files from Bjorn Magnhildoen.


Bartek Nowak.


MERZ-mail / Pere Sousa.
BOEK861 - visual Poetry.
Antonio Pejez's Homepage
Is This Mail-Art? (Tartarugo)


Sewers of the World - Unite"!


Mailed Art 1994, a mail art project.
Lars Nilsson.


Mail Art at the Communication Museum Bern


Clemente Padin's book "Art & People".


Fugitive NAtion
KIYOTEI's Site with lots of visuals, Interviews, and info on Mail-Art
John Held's Archive Online!
ALL you ever wanted to know about ARTISTAMPS!
The SACKNER Archive online
Exhibition Fluxus - Mail-Art - Net.Works at Queens Library Gallery NY
Mars Tokyo Visual Diary.
John M. Bennet's L & FT online

Global Mail - THE NEW SITE!.
Artist Books & Umbrella by Judith A. Hoffberg
Silver fox STAMP-contacts
FACTSHEET5 - all about ZINES!

Interested in the subject NEOISM?
Article by Mark Bloch about RAY JOHNSON
Dragonfly, lots of information
The Sticker Dude from NY is online now.
The Electronic Museum of Mail Art by Chuck Welch

Mail art is art that goes all over the world......
The Mona Lisa mailart show at Smallville Funny Farm.

Shouting at the Postman / Ken Miller.
Tabloid Trash - online zine (USA)
LINK to a SITE in USA with lots of links to rubberstamping..
Four decades of Postal Networking (John Held Jr. - USA)
Overview of homepages in connection to stamping (USA)

Mail Art gallery
Indigest Press - Blind Robin.

OR Post, geORge brett.
Mail-art Interview with Karen Elliott, Honoria, and Crackerjack Kid.
The Mail-Center of IO2


Rubberstamp work by Andrej Tisma
Homepage of Andrey Tisma.

There is a growing list of BLOG's that mail-artists have online. For those who want to go through all those growing digital archives, here is a list (updated June 2008)

  1. Tam-Publications
  2. Painted CD's by Ruud Janssen
  3. The TAM Rubberstamp Archive
  4. TAM and RUUD findings Collection
  5. The A1 Mail Art Archive
  6. Ed Giecek - USA
  7. Flobberlob
  8. NOBODY's Blog
  9. Exile on Mainstreet - Buz Blurr
  10. Kiyotei
  11. Hazel
  12. ex posto facto
  13. Honoria
  14. JC Synthetics
  15. Jonathan Stangroom
  16. Frips
  17. 5.000.000 Copies
  18. Digital Mail-Art
  19. Dadavark Photo Log
  20. qbdp BLOG (Geof Huth)
  21. Roger Stevens
  22. Obscure Reactions
  23. Syvia Sometimes Blog
  24. The Poetry Postcard Project
  25. Painted CD's by Ruud Janssen
  26. Jukka(-Pekka Kervinen) BLOG
  27. Bentspoon - Ross Priddle
  28. Pelican Dreaming
  29. Ed's Project 64 years Dylan
  30. Non Lineair Poetry
  31. Anabasis
  32. Crag Hills Poetry Score
  33. Qpidoremix Photothing
  34. Mark Bloch - The PanModern
  35. BLOG by Pierpaollo - Italy
  36. R.F. Cote - Canada
  37. Nico van Hoorn - Mail Art
  38. Special BLOG for Joseph W. Huber (DDR)
  39. Mail-Art by Jassy Lupa
  40. The Sideshowpost BLOG
  41. The Fluxus Blog - Allan R.
  42. Vanessa Holt
  43. New Art Blog
  44. Bern Porter International by Sheila Holz
  45. Geert de Decker - Sztuka Fabryka
  46. Pippoburro
  47. Cresent House BLOG
  48. The Post Secret BLOG
  49. Jennifer Barger - FROG and TOADS
  50. Elektronic Engel Project for Guillermo Deisler
  51. Jenny de Groot's BLOG
  52. Ray Johnson Blogspot
  53. Mail Boxes BLOG
  54. Crispin Webb Vlog - with audio and video
  55. Latuff's Blog
  56. Curios Things by Michael Leigh (UK)
  57. The Dream Project - by Pierpaolo (I)
  58. Alan Bowman Ramblings
  59. Chopped Livre
  60. Snail Mail-Art wanted by Troy
  61. Jim Leftwicht - TExt Image Text
  62. Visual Poetry Clippings by Geof Huth
  63. False Address Blog
  64. Fat red Ant
  65. Lara Barletta
  66. The Artists Books overview
  67. Toner Works by Reed Altemus
  68. Carla Cryptic
  69. Friour Magazine (Guido Vermeulen)
  70. Fluxlist BLOG!
  71. Nobody, Litsa and the Men
  72. Jean-Noel-Potte (France)
  73. Maxi Boyd Blog
  74. LezBag Blog
  75. Mail Art Gallery by Carmen
  76. Blog of Fluxus Heidelberg Center
  77. Blog by Lois Klassen
  78. TAM Rubberstamp Archive
  79. Sidney Tome - Brasil
  80. Thierry Tillier - Belgium
  81. Po Brutus - Belgium
  82. The postman always rings Twice - Renee Wagemans
  83. Serendipityart Blog
  84. David Baptiste Chirot Blog
  85. Ashley Walker Mail-Art Blog
  86. Sanarena-Arenasand
  87. Mail-Mania 2
  88. Benoit Piret (Ben Tripe)
  89. TAM was here project (1983-1986)
  90. The MARS Project
  91. The Monster Mail-Art Swap
  92. Confess Your Sins Project
  93. The blog of Dan Waber - USA
  94. Hans Braumueller - Germany
  95. Alyonka - Russian Mail-Art
  96. Stamp Collecting Round Up
  97. Increadible Green Cat
  98. Rico di Parigi
  99. What About Croxhapox
  100. Jean Noel Potte - De Spookrijder
  101. Share your Wisdom
  102. Valeria Zunzun
  103. Bolletino Mondo Mail-Art
  104. Albatroz Blog 4 Ever
  105. Poste Resistante - Finland
  106. Alyonka Mail-ARt Project
  107. Mr. Potani's Blog
  108. Wimplet Blog
  109. My Land Snake
  110. Art Sanatorium
  111. Goddessy-Art LiveJournal
  112. The Sorting Office
  113. We Are One Human Family
  114. Teachers for Mail-Art
  115. William A. - Brasil
  116. Bad Words and Wacky Stuff
  117. Goddelijke Gladiolen (NL)
  118. ATC Room.
  119. Tricia Burr - Russia
  120. Magenta Raves
  121. Andreas Hofer Project
  122. Handy Postcards (A1)
  123. Let your Postcards do the walking (A1)
  124. Socks Blog Germany
  125. Guerrilla Art Blog
  126. Sharon Zimmer's Blog - Mail-Art Network
  127. Mail-Art project by Joli - Utrecht
  128. Gianni Simone - Kairan - Japan
  129. A Mail-Artists Index - Blog
  130. My Silly Art Life
  131. Statistical Data
  132. Counting Numbers
  133. Pati Bristow
  134. Nico van Hoorn
  135. Paper and Postage
  136. The Blog that make you SMILE
  137. Luc Fierens Postcards
  138. Flip Flop Mail-Art
  139. M-A-Group Ukraine
  140. Dame's Portrait Gallery
  141. Blog by Christine Tarantino
  142. Paper and Postage Blog
  143. BZW-Plus-N Blog
  144. Ian Patricks Blog

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