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Millenium Stamements by Ruud Janssen

Click on this image to read the .PDF file with statements

Just before the year 2000 started, I experimented with the programm PowerPoint Presentations and made a slide-show of the ideas I had about the current state of the Mail-Art network. Originally I printed these file and spread them into the network. They caused quite some reactions because some statements are provocative. Now, with the better software-tools I was able to make a .PDF file out of it, and I can share the colour-versions with you. Just click on the image besides this text, and you will be able to see all 11 statements in full-size......

These statements are still very up-to-date even today, so your reactions are very welcome. The .PDF file is 671 KByte large. So if you have a slow access, it will take some time to download......


Ruud Janssen, November 2003.

p.s. Reactions to these statements came in from some newsgroups and are published in the NEW SECRETS about MAIL-ART Part 2 that you can find on this site as well......

TAM-PUBLICATIONS Nr. TAM-20030237 Spreading and reproduction of this .pdf is allowed provided that the text isn't changed, source is mentioned, and a copy of the magazine/book where the texts are included in, is sent to:

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