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The NEW Secrets about MAIL-ART - PART 3

(c)2004 by Ruud Janssen

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What is Mail-Art?

painting made by Ruud Janssen in 2000 80x100cm acryl on Canvas Since the Internet is influencing the Mail-Art world, the question, "What is Mail-Art" is more essential than ever. The digital art is digital art, the traditional painting IS a painting. Mail-Art still has to do with Communication (mail) and Art (creating new things).

The early DaDa-artists and Fluxus-artists, who are seen as the the roots of the Mail-Art group, have all one thing in common. They were people who could create something new. In the nowadays Mail-Art world I often see copies of concepts that have been thought out decades ago. I know that I will make a few people mad with such remarks. Plagiat is sometimes also considered an artform. Like Duchamp, who thought who thought out several concepts, the copying of these concepts aren't art. What I miss in mail-art today is new concepts.

One example is the Mail-Art project. In 1973 Ken Friedman started this concept. Is was only one of the concepts that are being started in Mail-Art. Today a new generation only thinks that projects, artistamps, rubberstamps, and the ways how to do this IS mail-art. Not in my eyes. Use communication, use art-techniques, and think out a unique concept where it all comes together. That is mail-art. The process of how it goes. The artifacts that are created could be rubbish, could be art, could de destroyed. That isn't important.......

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