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The Humberto Nilo case in Chile



          Finally, Humberto Nilo Saavedra , Director and Academic of the
Arts School  of the University from Chile was virtually tossed of their
position for the reactionary pinochetists sectors of the  University. The
drop that filled the glass was the exhibition of mailart "STOP: freedom,
diversity and pluralism" in the Art Contemporary Museum of Santiago that
Humberto Nilo had organized in order to defend of the persecutions that he
was supporting for long years. It is symptomatic that Humberto Nilo has
already been expelled of their class in the University under the
dictatorship of Pinochet. Today, that Pinochet occupies a position of
senator during life, his acolytes lift head and are collecting vengeance on
all those that, like Humberto Nilo, had played a progressive paper in the
field of the culture and has been opposed, always, to all form of
autoritarism and vassalage in the teaching of the arts.

          Humberto Nilo was, also, who showed, in 1996, in the Arts School,
the exhibition of homage to the recently died Guillermo Deisler, another
pursued by the dictatorship of Pinochet, also academic arts in the
University from Chile, in Antofagasta, who should flee as quickly as
possible from Chile with all their family to an uncertain destination under
the threat of death. Those same dictatorial sectors are today expelling all
the professors and professors that they have said  NO to the brutality and
to the constant violation of the human rights.
           In the face of the fear that the menaces and the brutality of
the regime could put the life of Humberto Nilo and his relatives in danger,
we want  began this world campaign requesting to all the mailartists and
networkers of the whole world that to send expressions of support to their
postal address so that, somehow, his offenders could not carry out their

                      Humberto Nilo Saavedra
                       Calama 8435
                       La Cisterna,



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