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TAM-Publications started to number all publications that were prepared in 1993. Here is the first list of publications in 1993 , 1994 and 1995


TAM-930001	ALS IN EEN DOOLHOF		Poetry by Ruud Janssen ; re print of older booklet pu blished in 1984.

TAM-930002	NIPKOV GO HOME			Poetry by Ruud Janssen , Translated by Teresinka Pereira (USA) in Portugese. Reprint of publication University of Colorado , USA.

TAM-930003	STATEMENTS ABOUT MAIL-ART	Collection of statements written by Ruud Janssen , August 1993

TAM-930004	IPM - September 1993		The first International Poetry Magazine with con tributions from 9 poets from around the world. Illustrations by Ruud Janssen.

TAM-930005	The TAM-Rubberstamp Archive	The September 1993 New sletter of this archive with historic overview and statistical informa tion. Index included and also list of all coun tries where participants come from.

TAM-930006	EVENTS IN MY LIFE		Short overview of histo ric events in my life. Important publications, travels , and meetings. Every time something hap pened again , it is added to this list.

TAM-930007	OVERVIEW DRAWINGS		Overview of the many dra wings I have made in the last years. Information about dates , messures , subjects , titles and decriptions. Historic overview

TAM-930008	TAM-REPLY-CARD			Card for 'standard' reply to mail-artists. A kind of joke-card. Different forms are published under the same num ber.

TAM-930009	HEINDESIGN STAMP TIPS		Translated text about rubber-stamps (extract from publication TAM- 930010 for people intere sted in using rubber stamps.

TAM-930010	HEINDESIGN TEXT			Translated text for Heinde sign in Hagen Germany from German into Dutch language. 8 brochures about rubberstamps.

TAM-930011	SVJETLANA MIMICA		Collection of poetry written by Svjetlana Mi mica , Croatia. English language. Illustrations by Ruud Janssen. December 1993

TAM-930012	OVERVIEW TAM-PUBLICATIONS	Overview of all publica tions in the year 1993

TAM-930013	ARCHIVES			Article about mail-art Archives, writter by Ruud Janssen. With illustrations. Written 1991-1992, but published in November 1993.

TAM-930014	EVOLUTION IN/BY MAIL-ART	Article about how mail- art is changing , how my life is changing. The article itself also changes as it is sent out. December 1993


TAM-940015	RUUD JANSSEN - EVENTS		Overview of the mayor events in Ruud Janssen's life. This overview is updated every time it is printed. Brochure of 4 pages.

TAM-940016	RUBBER STAMP ARCHIVE		Revised brochure of the TAM Rubberstamp Archive. The brochure is updated every month , and statis tical details are updated with every new print-edi tion.

TAM-940017	EVOLUTION IN/BY MAIL-ART	New version of article about evolution in and by mail-art. When people react to the article the article is updated. This version : updated with comments by M. Greenfield from England.

TAM-940018	IPM-Magazine  1994		International Poetry Magazi ne. Second issue , 1994. text-size 30 pages. Every print gets a random selection of my drawings to include.

TAM-940019	STATEMENTS FROM DOBRICA		Copy of the Statements writ ten by Dobrica Kamperelic in Yugoslavia about the current situation in his country.

TAM-940020	REPLY-CARD			Reply-Card for this year. It is a 'joke-card' for 'standard' replies to the mail-art I get.

TAM-940021	WORDS-LIST MAIL-ART		Words-List about words and abreviations that are used a lot in mail-art. The list is updated regulary.

TAM-940022	OVERVIEW DRAWINGS		Overview about the dra wings, Silk-Screen Prints etc.. that I have made till 1994.

TAM-940023	ELECTRONIC MAIL-ART (I)		Article written by Ruud Jans sen about the possibilities of Electronic Mail-Art as a reaction to the recent publi cations by Cracker-Jack Kid and H.R. Fricker.

TAM-940024	STATEMENTS - Reprint		Reprint of the statements I wrote in August 1993 in Brochure-form.

TAM-940025	CENSOR				"Text about the blue stickers THIS PART IS CENCORED". Short brochure to explain the con cept and use of this sticker. March 1994

TAM-940026	ELECTRONIC MAIL-ART (II)	Article written by Ruud Janssen about the possi bilities of Electronic Mail-Art as a reaction to the recent publications by Cracker-Jack Kid and Anton V. Folow-up article on (I) (see TAM-940023)

TAM-940027	TAM-BULLETIN APRIL 1994		Print-out of the computerized TAM-Bulletin, version April 1994.

TAM-940028	ADDRESS-LIST RUBBERSTAMP	The address-list of the TAM-
		ARCHIVE				Rubberstamp Archive. This address-list is only printed in a very small circulation for trade with other address-lists

TAM-940029	ELECTRONIC MAIL-ART (III)	Article written by Ruud Janssen about the possi bilities of Electronic Mail-Art as a reaction to the recent publications by Cracker-Jack Kid and Anton V. Folow-up article on (I) (see TAM-940023)

TAM-940030	TAM-BULLETIN MAY 1994		Print-out of the compute rized TAM-Bulletin, version May 1994.

TAM-940031	CHAIN-LETTERS / ADD-TO		Article about the chain- letters and Add and pass-allong xeroxes and booklets. May 1994

TAM-940032	ORGANIGRAM TAM			An organigram about the acti vities of the TAM-organisati on.

TAM-940033	OVERVIEW PUBLICATIONS 1994	Overview of all the pu blications that are prin ten by TAM-publications in 1993 and 1994.

TAM-940034	ERASER-CARVING			Reprint of older text about eraser-carving. Made for Stempel-Mekka-3 in Hagen, Germany, September 1994.

TAM-940035	ELECTRONIC MAIL-ART (IV)	Follow-up article about communication with compu ters.

TAM-940036	WORKSHOP HAGEN			Tekst written for workshop in Hagen, Germany at Stempel- Mekka 3

TAM-940037	TAM BULLETIN (OCTOBER 94)	New TAM-bulletin, 8 pages , with also overview of te archive-activities of the TAM-Archives and a list of new projects.

TAM-940038	ELECTRONIC MAIL-ART (V)		Follow-up article about communication with computers.

TAM-940039	STATEMENTS-COLLECTION I		Concept print-out of the Statements-book part 1 , all statements from 1990 and ear lier (historic material)

TAM-940040	STATEMENTS-COLLECTION II	Concept print-out of the Statements-book part 2 , all statements I ever wrote myself and I could trace back.

TAM-940041	STATEMENTS-COLLECTION III	Concept print-out of the Statements-book part 3 , all statements from 1990 and later (recent materi al)

TAM-940042	Update MY HIOSTORY 1994		Updated print-out of the au tobiography of 1990 with re cent iinfo updated till 1994.

TAM-940043	ELECTRONIC MAIL-ART (VI)	new article about elec tronic mail-art.

TAM-940044	LIST E-MAIL ADDRESSES 94	Address with all E-mail addresses of mail-artists I know. Version 1994.

TAM-940045	ELECTRONIC MAIL-ART (VII)	new article about Elec tronic Mail-art.


TAM-950046	TAM BULLETIN JANUARY 1995	The new Tam-bulletin , version January 1995.

TAM-950047	EVENTS 1995			Ruud Janssen, Events in his live. A small updated CV of myself. New layout with grap hics included.

TAM-950048	STATEMENTS-COLLECTION I		Concept print-out of the Statements-book part 1 , all statements from 1990 and ear lier (historic material). New version in 1995.

TAM-950049	STATEMENTS-COLLECTION II	Concept print-out of the Statements-book part 2 , all statements I ever wrote myself and I could trace back. Updated ver sion of 1995.

TAM-950050	STATEMENTS-COLLECTION III	Concept print-out of the Statements-book part 3 , all statements from 1990 and later (recent materi al). Updated version of 1995.

TAM-950051	STAMP-INFO BROCHURE    		New version of the Newsletter about the TAM-rubberstamp Archive. Updated version 1995

TAM-950052	DRAWINGS-OVERVIEW		Overview of all drawings, silkscreen-prints. Con tains info about all spe cific details and numbers and owners of the works, publications, etc.

TAM-950053	STATEMENTS-INFO        		Information-newsletter about the statements-project that started in 1990. Version 1995

TAM-950054	E-MAIL LIST            		List with all info about E- mail addresses, abbreviati ons, and contacts of TAM

TAM-950055	STATEMENTS-1           		Reprint of the 'Thoughts about mail-art" I wrote Au gust 1993

TAM-950056	LUMB				The information contained on the disk sent to me by Michael Lumb in England, about his Thesis on Mail-Art

TAM-950057	IUOMA                  		The brochure about The Inter national Union Of Mail-Artists. A reprint of a text for people interested in the Union-idea.

TAM-950058	ELECTRONIC-MAIL-ART VIII	The eight article about electronic mail-art

TAM-950059	TAM BULLETIN OVERVIEW  		Overview of all TAM-Bulle tins, originally written for Crackerjack Kid in USA.

TAM-950060	WORDS                  		Words used in mail-art. Upda ted version in 1995

TAM-950061	STATEMENTS-1995        		Some thoughts about mail-art version-II. 

TAM-950062	ELECTRONIC MAIL-ART IX 		The ninth article on electro nic mail-art.

TAM-950063	ELECTRONIC MAIL-ART X 		The tenth article on electronic mail-art.

TAM-950064	ZIPCODES			Article about zipcodes and their structure. Originally written for Ash ley Parker Owens, USA (not published)

TAM-950065	MAIL-INTERVIEW-9		The mail-Interview with Michael Leigh in England. First part of a larger serie of interviews.

TAM-950066	MAIL-INTERVIEW-5		The mail-Interview with Klaus Groh, Germany. This interview was partly done with the FAX.

TAM-950067	RSA-ADDRESS-LIST		The address-list of the TAM-Rubberstamp Archive, updated version April 1995.

TAM-950068	MAIL-INERVIEWS APRIL 1995	Newsletter about the mail-interviews-project.

TAM-950069	MAIL-INTERVIEWS MAY 1995	Newsletter about the mail-interviews-project.

TAM-950070	ELECTRONIC MAIL-ART (XI)	The eleventh article about electronic mail- art. This issue is about e-zines.

TAM-950071	COMMUNICATION-FORMS		Overview of communication- forms used in networking. Advantages and disadvantages are mentioned. May 1995

TAM-950072	OVERVIEW TAM-PUBLICATIONS	Overview of all publica tions by TAM. Updated version.

TAM-950073	INTERNET-ARTICLE		Article about the use of internet. Especially com parison to mail art is made, and therefor the focus is mainly on e- mail.

TAM-950074	RSM-LIST			List with all the issues of Rubberstampmadness that there are in the TAM-Archive. Also mentio ned are some other rub berstamp magazines.

TAM-950075	STAMP-PRINTS PART 1		Booklet with reprints of all original stamp-prints that are in the TAM-Archive, part 1 (the first 500-600 stamps)

TAM-950076	MAIL-INTERVIEW-23		The mail-interview with Arto Posto, USA. Almost completely done by using internet.

TAM-950077	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated newsletter of the mail-interview project, June 1995.

TAM-950078	BIOGRAFIE 1995			Single print of the concept- version of the updated biog raphie. Text only.

TAM-950079	MAIL-INTERVIEW			The mail-interview with Michael Lumb. Mostly done with the exchanging of dis kette.

TAM-950080	MAIL-INTERVIEW			The mail-interview with Rod Summers, VEC. Several communication-forms were used.

TAM-950081	BOOKS & MAGS OVERVIEW		Overview of all the books and magazines in connec tion to mail art that are in the TAM-Archive.

TAM-950082	REQUEST-FORM INTERVIEWS		Request-form for mail-inter views. Mail artists are asked which persons they think are interesting to be interviewed by me.

TAM-950083	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated version of the newsletter for mail-interviews, August 1995.

TAM-950084	OFFICIAL CV			Cirriculum Vitae for official purposes. It is an extensive list with all kinds of de tails that are relevant for others.

TAM-950085	MAIL-INTERVIEW			The mail-interview with Hen ing Mittendorf, Germany. Mostly done by exchanging print-outs of both our compu ters.

TAM-950086	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEW	Updated version September 1995

TAM-950087	MAIL-INTERVIEW			The mail-interview with Do brica Kampereli , Yugoslavia.

TAM-950088	MAIL-INTERVIEW			The mail-interview with Chuck Welch, USA. Mostly done by the use of internet. From this issue the interviews also are published on the internet in ASCII-format.

TAM-950089	SOME THOUGHTS PART-3		Some thoughts about mail art, part 3. September 1995. Some more thoughts put on paper in this new serie.

TAM-950090	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEW	Updated version October 1995

TAM-950091	MAIL-INTERVIEW-1		The mail-interview with Robin Crozier. The first interview that I started is finished after one year of correspondence.

TAM-950092	MAIL-INTERVIEW-13		The mail-interview with Anna Banana, Canada. A nice detail: the misprint of the titel-page, where Canada was written as Canana.

TAM-950093	INTERNET			Updated version of the internet-article. Titel: Mail art, internet and networking. Printed in booklet-format.

TAM-950094	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Update November 1995

TAM-950095	MAIL-INTERVIEW-2		The mail-interview with John Held Jr, USA. The last answer came just before he moved to San Francisco. During the interview John actually also visited Tilburg in May 1995.

TAM-950096	ORGANIGRAM			Updated version of the orga nigram with all activities of TAM and the publications. interviews and internet-activities.

TAM-950097	MAIL INTERVIEW			Mail interview with Carlo Pittore, USA. Carlo wrote all his answers with his black fountain pen.

TAM-950098	RS ARCHIVE ADDRESSLIST		Updated version of the complete address-list of participants in the TAM Rubberstamp Archive, No vember 1995.

TAM-950099	MAIL-INTERVIEW-8		TEXT-PRINT of all infor mations I received in reference to Ray Johnson- Interview. Final Publica tion will appear in 1996.

TAM-950100	THOUGHTS PART 4			Some thoughts about (e-) mail art. Fourth part in this se rie. This time focussed on electronic mail art in the internet. November 1995.

TAM-950101	MAIL-INTERVIEW-28		Mail interview with Jenny de Groot, Netherlands. 

TAM-950102	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated newsletter of the mail-interview project December 1995


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Reproduction of this text is allowed provided that the text isn't changed, source is mentioned, and a copy of the magazine where the text is included in, is sent to TAM.


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