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TAM-Publications started to number all publications that were prepared in 1993. Here is the first list of publications in 1995 and 1997 (updated till 28-6-1997)


TAM-960103	MAIL-INTERVIEW-7		Mail interview with Svjetlana Mimica from Croatia. This interview ended just when the peace started in the former Yugoslavia.

TAM-960104	MAIl-INTERVIEW-40		Mail-interview with Ken Friedman, Norway. This interview with Fluxus- artists Ken Friedman was completely done with the use of e-mail / Internet

TAM-960105	MAIL-INTERVIEW-43		Mail interview with Fluxus-artist Dick Hig gins. Interview was part ly done with e-mail, and one of his answer came even from Italy while he was there for a retro spective exhibition.

TAM-960106	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated newsletter of the mail-interview project Januari 1996.

TAM-960107	THOUGHTS part-5			Some thoughts about mail-art part 5. This issue deals with the amount of mail art I get in (both snail-mail as e- mail) and how I deal with it.

TAM-960108	OVERVIEW TAM-PUBLICATIONS	Update of this overview of TAM-Publications done with my new computer.

TAM-960109	RUBBERSTAMP ARCHIVE		Newsletter of the TAM-Rubber stamp Archive, updated versi on January 1996.

TAM-960110	MAIL-INTERVIEW-17		Mail-Interview with Ash ley Parker Owens, USA, publisher of GLOBAL MAIL. This interview ended just after het move from Chi cago to San Francisco.

TAM-960111	THOUGHTS-Part 6			The 6th part in the series of thoughts about mail art that I published. This issue deals with the Assembling zines and is especially written for Stephen Perkins, USA.

TAM-960112	OVERVIEW MAIL-OUT		Overview of all the mail I sent out in the period 1991-1995. The overview is done graphically with the aid of the program Quattro Pro. Only since 1991 I keep track of the se numbers, although I send out mail art since 1980. The amount of mail I sent out each month is printed in BAR-GRAPH form.

TAM-960113	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated newsletter Febru ary 1996

TAM-960114	MAIL-INTERVIEW-14		The mail-interview with Clemente Padin from Uru guay. Partly done wirth the use of e-mail.

TAM-960115	MAIL-INTERVIEW-23		The mail-interview with Mark Bloch. All questions and answers mostly went by e-mail, and the only snail-mail I received during the interview from Mark Bloch was the reac tions of the concept- print of the interview.

TAM-960116	MAIL-INTERVIEW-29		The mail-interview with Mark Greenfield, England. The whole interview was done with the traditional snail-mail.

TAM-960117	WORDS USED IN MAIL-ART		The new version of the list with words and ab breviations used in mail art and networking. Every list is an updated versi on and is printed when new words come in from the network.

TAM-960118	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated newsletter March 1996

TAM-960119	OVERVIEW BOOKS & MAGS		Booklet with the overview of books and magazines that are there in The TAM-Archive. New layout with the new computer. Like the word-list every few months a new version is printed to document the latest list.

TAM-960120	THOUGHTS-7			Thoughts about mail-art. This text was especially written for the SCHWERIN-Museum in Germany, who are doing a spe cial exhibition on mail art in Eastern-Europe, and focus ses mainly on Eastern-Germa ny.

TAM-960121	THOUGHTS-8			This edition of Thoughts deals with the TAM-PUBLICATI ONS. What it is, and how it works.

TAM-960122	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated version April 1996

TAM-960123	MAIL-INTERVIEW-47		The mail-interview with John M. Bennet. The in terview was done with snail-mail.

TAM-960124	MAIL-INTERVIEW-51		The mail-interview with Patricia Collins. The interview ended just as Patricia hooked up to the internet.

TAM-960125	CV-1996				The updated Curriculum Vitae from myself, versi on 1996. This CV is used for the official institu tes and is also sent to people that are intere sted in all my activi ties.

TAM-960126	THOUGHTS-9			This edition of Thoughts about mail-art is dedicated to the postal Museum in Ko penhagen, where there will be a special exhibition on the subject FUTURE COMMUNICATION and the use of PAPER.

TAM-960127	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated newsletter May 1996 for the Mail-inter view project.

TAM-960128	THOUGHTS-10			This thoughts is an overview of older short statements as I could find them back in my archive. They were previously published on seperate papers, and this is the first publi cation to bundle them.

TAM-960129	THOUGHTS 1 TO 10		A 60-pages publication containing all the TEN thoughts that I have pu blished in the period 1993-1996. The pages are printed in the original layout and spiral-bound. Collectors edition only and limited amount of issues.

TAM-960130	ADDRESS-LIST RS-ARCHIVE		The updated address-list of the TAM-Rubberstamp Archive, May 10th 1996. A publication of about 45 pages which in cluded the latest details in the included newsletter of the archive.

TAM-960131	THOUGHTS-11			The 11th part of my thoughts about mail art. This issue deals with the older networ kers and the new computer- networkers.

TAM-960132	NEWSLETTER RS-ARCHIVE		The updated newsletter of the TAM-Rubberstamp Ar chive. This time a speci al layout was chosen be cause of the upcoming exhibition in San Fran cisco, USA. The illustra tions come from stamps in the Archive. Version: JUNE-1996

TAM-960133	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated newsletter, June 1996

TAM-960134	MAIL-INTERVIEW-8		A computer-print out of the two questions that Ray Johnson answered. Since the publication of the larger booklet is postponed I decided to send out these prints to make the information ac cesible for others as well.

TAM-960135	MAIL-INTERVIEW-30		Mail interview with Jenny Soup, USA.

TAM-960136	THOUGHTS-12			New edition of the THOUGHTS- serie. This issue is a reac tion to a postcard sent to me by Jose van den Broucke from Belgium, who writes about the mail-artists that are living in the countries with a 'bad' economy.

TAM-960137	NEWSLETTER RS-ARCHIVE		The updated newsletter of the TAM-Rubberstamp Ar chive. This time a speci al layout was chosen be cause of the upcoming exhibition in San Fran cisco, USA. The illustra tions come from stamps in the Archive. Version: JULY-1996.

TAM-960138	MAIL-INTERVIEW-39		Mail-Interview with E.F. Higgins, USA

TAM-960139	MAIL-INTERVIEW-55		Mail-interview with Ro bert Rocola, USA

TAM-960140	MAIL-INTERVIEW-56		Mail-interview with Rudi Rubberoid, USA

TAM-960141	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated newsletter, July 1996

TAM-960142	THOUGHTS-12b			Reprint of the thoughts I published previously, printed with small let ter.

TAM-960143	NEWSLETTER RS-ARCHIVE		The updated newsletter of the TAM-Rubberstamp Ar chive. This time a speci al layout was chosen be cause of the upcoming exhibition in San Fran cisco, USA. The illustra tions come from stamps in the Archive. Version:AUGUST-1996.

TAM-960144	END RACISM / ETHNIC HATRED	Catalog of a mail art project by Ayah Okwabi in Ghana.

TAM-960145	MAIL-INTERVIEW-38		Mail-Interview with An drej Tisma, Yugoslavia.

TAM-960146	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated newsletter,  Au gust 1996

TAM-960147	MAIL-INTERVIEW-21		Mail-interview with Vit tore Baroni, Italy. Vit tore typed all the ques tions on his own computer and will send the comple te file on disk to me. He works on a MAC, and I work on a PC, and the files aren't always easy to tranfer. Some answers of the questions already seem to be online at the internet before publis hing the interview.

TAM-960148	OVERVIEW TAM-PUBLICATIONS	Overview of all the TAM- Publications that are printed since 1993. The older publications don't have a number.

TAM-960149	OVERVIEW MAIL OUT TAM		Overview of all the mail that TAM has sent out in the last 5 years inclu ding diagram-representa tion.

TAM-960150	TAM-BULLETIN HISTORY		Overview of all things in connection to the TAM- Bulletin. Version 1996.

TAM-960151	MAIL-INTERVIEW-54		Mail-interview with Ayah Okwabi, Ghana.

TAM-960152	THOUGHTS-13			Part 13 of the series on 'Thoughts about mail art". Special about ray Johnson, including the reprint of the texts Ray sent me as reaction to the mail interview questi ons.

TAM-960153	R.S.ARCHIVE ADDRESSLIST		Updated version of the address-list of participants in the TAM Rubberstamp Archi ve. Updated 5-8-1996.

TAM-960154	THOUGHTS-14			Thoughts part 14. This arti cle deals with how I look at mail art nowadays. September 1996.

TAM-960155	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Updated version newslet ter mail-interviews with illustrations. October 1996.

TAM-960156	NEWSLETTER R.S.ARCHIVE		Newsletter about the TAM Rubberstamp Archive, Oc tober 1996.

TAM-960157	BOOKLETS ABOUT R.S.A.		Special booklet about the TAM Rubber Stamp Archive made for the exhibition about the rubber stamp archive at the Stamp Art Gallery in San Francisco, USA, in October 1996. I distributed the booklet inside the USA - SF, whi le I was there end of October/ begin November 1996.

TAM-960158	NEWSLETTER MAIL-INTERVIEWS	Newsletter mail-inter views November 1996.

TAM-960159	MAIL-INTERVIEW			Mail-interview with Julie Hagan Bloch, USA.

TAM-960160	R.S. ARCHIVE NEWSLETTER		Updated version of the new sletter November 1996.


TAM-970161	MAIL-INTERVIEW			Mail-interview with Julie Paquette (ex posto facto), USA.

TAM-970162	MAIL-INTERVIEW-42		Mail-interview with M.B. Corbett, USA.

TAM-970163	MAIL-INTERVIEW			Mail-interview with Ruud Janssen by Mark Greenfield. This 15-pages interview was published by TAM-Publicati ons, but the layout was done by M. Greenfield.

TAM-970164	USA-SF TRIP 1996		First report of my trip to USA / San Francisco 20-10-1996 till 4-11- 1996, where I met over 35 mail-artists, met 9 pe ople I have interviewed or am still interviewing. This 4-pages text con tains an overview of the most important data.

TAM-970165	THOUGHTS # 15			The 15th part of the THOUGHTS-serie, which deals with the subject CHANGES. December 1996/March 1997

TAM-970166	NEWSLETTER INTERVIEWS		The updated version od theinterviews-newsletter, February 1997.

TAM-970167	INTERVIEW GšNTHER RUCH		The mail-interview with Gnther Ruch, Switzer land.

TAM-970168	NEWSLETTER INTERVIEWS		The updated version od theinterviews-newsletter, April 1997

TAM-970169	MAIL-INTERVIEW RUUD JANSSEN	The mail-interview with Ruud Janssen. This is the interview done by Carol Stetser, USA.

TAM-970170	NEWSLETTER INTERVIEWS		The updated version od theinterviews-newsletter, May 1997

TAM-970171	INTERVIEW CAROL STETSER		The mail-interview with Carol Stetser, USA. This interview was done parallel to the in terview she did with Ruud Janssen.

TAM-970172	RUBBER STAMP ARCHIVE NEWS	The newsletter of the TAM Rubberstamp Archive is online on the Internet. For the snail-mail a boo klet is made out of this text. June 1997.

TAM-970173	MAIL-INTERVIEW IBIRICO		Mail-interview wit Ibiri co, Spain.

TAM-970174	THOUGHTS # 16			The next issue in this serie. These thoughts #16 deal with answering all your mail and has an overview of the mail I sent out since September 1991 till now. April 1997.

TAM-970175	THOUGHTS - OVERVIEW		An overview of all the thoughts that I have written, with description, number of pages, date of publishing, etc.

TAM-970176	MAIL-INTERVIEW J O. OLBRICH	Mail-Interview with jrgen O. Olbrich , part- 1. This interview con tains fragments of the preperation I have done for this interview. The first interview was only documented with photo's (taken in Mainz, Germany.

TAM-970177	NEWSLETTER INTERVIEW		The updated version od theinterviews-newsletter, July 1997.
TAM-970178	THOUGHTS #17			The next version of THOUGHTS is published online only. There is only one print for the TAM-Archive, and others are encouraged to use the text in a non-digital way as well.


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