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When one is involved with mail-art one can always expect strange things in the mail. Today, July 8th 2003, I received from Qpidoremix (Amsterdam, Netherlands) a nice sample of what one can expect....... He is a member of the "Axis of Chickens Against Extreme Mailartists" and as such he sent me a tin (with original content).

A result of this piece of extreme mail-art was that I had to carry the tin from my home address (Tilburg) to my work address (Breda), and showed the piece of mail-art to collegues. Via the IUOMA-group I communicated with Qpidoremix about the arrival of the tin and promised him to make visuals of it. What he didn't knew is that I planned to eat the Chicken Ragout he sent me for diner later in Tilburg. See the photos below....

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