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This page gives you an overview of the artworks I have been making besides my mail-art. It will take several minutes to download, but this way the resolution is acceptable. The samples go from most recent to quite old.

These (acrylic) painted cards are quite recent. I made them in April 2005. In this year I am 25 years active in mail-art and as a sursprise to some I am sending out these original paintings as cards to mail-art friends worldwide. About 200 cards are planned to be produced. The ones illustrated here are sent out. More is documented at my blog at:

Some more cards made in February 2005:

Here below you see a few (details) of my most recent acryl paintings, made in 1999 and 2000. Formats are 90x60 and 80x100 cm.

In 1997 and beginning of 1998 I worked on some larger acrylworks on canvas. The formats are 50 by 60 cm. Although the digital format doesn't do the work real justice, you can still get a glimpse of what kind of works I made.

Still this work is connected to the mail-art. Smaller images I also paint on envelopes and send out to some good mail-contacts I have. This I normally do on envelopes sized A5 (sometimes A4). I make photos of most envelopes I send out just for documentation.

The larger acrylworks normaly take time to make since I like to work with thick layers of paint. The structures on the canvas you can actually touch and when the light shines on them it looks differently every time again.

If someone is interested in buying my larger works, I am always open for offers. Just send me an e-mail when you want to know more (like price and I could even send you a good reproduction-photo when you are interested).

In the same time as I made the acryl-works above I also worked on a series of drawings. They are made with pen, Indian ink and the use of water-colours. Here is a small selection of the works I have made in 1996-1998:

The Acrylwork below I made for the project GUTENBERG by Francis van Maele in Luxembourgh. The original size is A4 , acrylpaint on carton. The artwork was digitalized by Francis and put online by him. I started working with acrylpaint some years ago.

I normally work with not too much details. When I want detailed work I use indian ink and watercolours.

I sometimes make computer-art. I haven't specialized in it at all, but the fun of computers is that the results look good anyway. Here you find an example of what I have made in 1996 for a virtual gallery in the USA. They even framed the computer-graphic for me, and I just downloaded that result to put on my own site as well.

I rather work with ink and paint on paper or canvas, but for a digital exhibition I made an exception and here is the result (above).

For this graphic I used the easy technique where you can copy & paste special parts of an image.

I believe that when one DOES make computer-art it shouldn't be just a scanned image, but that once uses some special possibillities the computer offers.

I have never seen this graphic file printed on paper yet. Maybe someone who sees it and wants to do that for me could help me. In return I could send you some mail-interviews in bookletform as I have published them in these last years.

This silkscreen has the title "hidden smile". I made it in 1993 when I was learning silkscreen printing at the DUVELHOK here in Tilburg.

The original looks better of course because the digital image never shows how the light plays with the 8 different colors on the paper.

To give an example, I printed red lines under the purple ink which gives a very unique reflection. Also the red on the silkcreen shines bright, but the digital camera used to capture this image translated it into two different colors of red. The digital world is still no match for the analog world, and that is why I prefer still this work with paint.

Printing-techniques are very handy though when one wants to make an edition rather than one original, so I am happy with knowing how to do that. For the last years I have been focussing on original works and for spreading them I make photos or color-xeroxes of them.

Another silkscreen I made at the Duvelhok in Tilburg. The title: Full Moon. The moon on this silkscreen is something that appeared on a lot of my drawings in 1993-1994, and I tried only this once to put it in a printed form on paper.

If you are interested in these silkscreens I made, I still have a few prints of them that are available for sale or trade.

I have made about a dozen silkscreens in the years 1993-1995 , and after that I started to work more with acryl-paint and water-colors. The next artwork on this page was made with that technique.

I experiment a lot with random-techniques using water-colors and acryl-paint. After experimenting for decades with watercolors , I can influence the results of these random-techniques quite well, and here you see an experiment that I framed in 1994.

Besides Acryl-painting and computer-graphics I have been making lots of rubber stamps as well. Sometimes a graphic image is made by a rubberstamp-maker into a rubber stamp, but most fun is to carve your own stamps out of erasers (read also article about eraser-carving). This is a special stamp I made for the DNC-congressyear 1992 and used on the outgoing mail during that time. If you are interested in more information , just go to the newsletter of the TAM Rubber Stamp Archive that contains lots of details.....

The painting below is titled "Landscape II". I made this in 1976 (oil). Because it isn't to big I was able to scan it with modern techniques. For the structures it was the best way to work with oilpaint. I could work days on getting the structure I wanted it. The painting was exhibited with also the larger painting (see one further below) at the highschool I was visiting. I was only a little boy back in 1976 (16 years old).

To end this small section of examples of artworks that I have made I selected the oil-painting that I made many years ago. The title was Just a light in the dark. I made it over 30 years ago and somehow that theme I had in me then is still there. Funny story is that this oil-painting was at an exhibition at the College I was on during 1971-1977. One man wanted to buy the oil-painting for 100 Dutch Guilders , a lot of money then. But I didn't hesitate and said no. I didn't wanted someone to just buy it and make it impossible for me to see the painting again. Later I gave the painting to my mother. She still likes it and it is hanging on the wall still (see also recent photos)

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