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(and sometimes some older photos....take a look at the whole collection)

(photo take in 2003, location: Rotterdam - Netherlands, by Litsa Spathi)

Photos taken by Litsa Spathi during our Summervacation in Greece (August 1998). My partner Litsa Spathi has her own site and together we founded the Fluxus Heidelberg Center (July 2003) in which we work together in Fluxus Performances. Naturally the text on the background of the photo initiated the taking of the photos..... the word TAM...... (a Greek bank)

photo taken in Greece . photo taken in Greece . photo taken in Greece .
These two photos (below) are first experiments with the recently bought digital camera. Both photos taken in January 1999 in Tilburg. This new camera gives me the possibility to convert anything I see into a digital image and to put it online or to e-mail it instantly.

photo taken January 1999 . photo taken January 1999

In the month May 1998 some photos are made to show on my site some of the mail art I get in. The photos above this text show the piece that Brano from UK sent to me in this month. More about this you can read in the secret thoughts about mail art. It shows also the special wall I have in my apartment, where I exhibit some of the (mail-) art I receive.

This specific wall is called the "TAM-Gallery", where I sometimes hang small exhibitions as well.

Another (portrait-)photo was take in April 1998 by my brother , which I used for a special version of the biography.

It is part of a larger photo which I resized into this portrait-one. The 'entrance' - photo at the biography I try to keep updated and will change every now and then. The complete selection of all those photos you have found in this page!

This photo (above) is taken on September 14th 1997 by my brother (Jos Janssen) who owns a digital camera. He made the photo when I visited him, then e-mailed me the digital file as an attachment to a e-mail. I downloaded the file to my site so you have a quite recent view of how I look now.

This photo (above) is taken on August 6th 1997. On the back you can see an oil-painting I made in 1975.

The photo that is used in this artistamp was taken in Utrecht in 1995 during a course I followed about Internet and HTML-programming.

The photo was taken with a digital camera and put online in a first attempt of a homepage. I forewarded the graphic file to other mail-artists online, and Jas W. Felter , Canada, made an artistamp out of it and uses it nowadays as opening graphic for the Mail-Interview pages he has put online for me.

This photo (left) is taken by Francis van Maele in Mainz, Germany, May 1997 , during the MiniPress Event there in 1997. He made photos of all the mail artists he met there and put them on his site. I borrowed my photo from him so you can have a look at it.........

If you are interested in the other photo's go to his site! I have listed all the addresses at the special page at : MAIL ART SITES - LINKS

Here are some photos taken of meetings with other mail-artists. The first one is Me and Michael Leigh during my visit to London together with Made Balbat from Estonia (she took this photo while I mailed some mail-art). The second one is taken end of October 1996 in San Francisco while I was there for the exhibition at the Stamp Art Gallery.

Ruud Janssen and Michael Leigh

Stamp Art Gallery - 1996

me , Made Balbat and Reiu Tüür visiting the RAFT-group. Just before the coup!

me , Made Balbat and Reiu Tüür visiting the RAFT-group. Just before the coup!

The two photos above were taken by Eugene Shaskin from Leningrad (now called St. Petersburg). I visited the USSR for 4 weeks, and these photos were taken only a few days before the coup by Jeltsin. On the photos you see Me , Made Balbat , Reiu Tüür , and the members of the RAFT-group.

For those who are interested in photo's, here's a photo that was taken earlier, in 1989, taken in Belgium, where Charles Francois, John Held Jr. and me met before (I got the digital photo via Charles' homepage)

A very old photo to end this overview. The B & W photo below was taken at the Mail-Art congress in Eeklo - 1986

updated on 20-6-1999

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