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RUUD JANSSEN (Netherlands) interviewed by DOBRICA KAMPERELIC (Yugoslavia)

For his book, Dobrica sent me four questions. Here is the complete text as I sent in to publish. He calls it an interview, I prefer the term questionair. November 1995, published in "OPEN WORLD / OPEN MIND - OTVORENI SVET / OTVORENA SVEST" in English and translated by Docbrica Kamperelic in serbian language. Yugoslavia, Dedalus Publishing, pages 141-149. Beograd 1996. In the book The english tekst was not completely printed, but here is the complete text as I have sent it to Dobrica as a reaction to his questions:

Well, these were my answers/reactions to your questions. I hope you enjoyed reading them. A pity it wasn't an interview where you could ask something when I jump from one subject to another, but that is the case when you send me a questionnaire. I will enclose some other informations for you because as you might know I have many things I am working on at the same time. It seems that in the beginning of the 90-ies there was the travelling and the meeting of mail art friends, and the last years I have started in writing my thoughts and the thoughts of others down on paper.

Best wishes to you,

Ruud Janssen - TAM,

address interviewer/sender questions:

Ustanicka 152 - VII
11000 - BEOGRAD

updated on 30-8-1997

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