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the text of these thoughts changes when I get reactions!





ISSM : TAM980178

JUNE 1997 till MARCH 1998


  1. The fun of the internet is that the publishing of texts is so very easy, once you master the hardware and software. These thoughts #17 are an experiment. I won't send these words out by snail-mail into the mail-art network at all. I will only publish them online on this site, like a kind of diary

  2. So, I am currious; who will read these thoughts at all? What do you do with these words. Just have a quick look, and then forget these words. Or maybe print out the text and read it a bit later?

  3. Maybe there is someone out there who realizes that the 'online' mail-art world is just a small group of the complete mail-art network, and he/she will print this text, publish it in a printed version of some kind of magazine.....?

  4. to be continued as soon as I am online again.....

  5. This part was written on 23-6-1997 13:00h


  1. The purpose of these thoughts -online- are, to get reactions from you. I will bundle all the reactions, and make something out of it. The readers of these thoughts determine what will happen.

  2. If someone publishes these thoughts in a magazine, I will see on the number: when the text was printed and this indicates how things went historically. (the counter was on #2028 since June 21th 1997 , but was reset on November 13th 1997)

  3. If someone prints these thoughts on paper and it gets to me back, I will see what kind of printer someone used, etc.

  4. But I must say I am a bit sceptical about the reactions I might get. It seems that the speed and access on the Internet isn't that large as we suspect. A lot of pages are statical, and a lot of 'surfers' on the Internet just take quick looks at pages and forget quickly what they have seen. This Thoughts #17 is therefore an interesting experiment for me, to see if I get reactions at all....?

  5. Also I wonder if someone even collects all these thoughts that I write. On all the texts I wrote that mail artists or other interested people could ask for prints of previously written texts, but I hardly get reactions on that. Is there really an overkill on information in the mail-art network as well. Has the mail-art network grown so huge that no-one can see the whole anymore. I wonder (I do that a lot of times).

  6. This part was written on 24-6-1997 10:30h


  1. There is realy too much information on the internet. I started with this counter on my pages that indicates how many people have accessed it. Since interested people can stumble onto my pages from all dirtections the counter starts with the first encounter on ANY of the pages, and not just the main-page. The CGI-protocol that supports the counter only is triggered once so it is a fair count. Since June 21th 1997 till today about 900 hits, and the last month the average is 10 hits per day.

  2. Ten hits per day isn't that much, especially if you know that some don't even read the things they get on their screen and just move on. But I do know some of you are interested in what I do and give nice reactions too. Already a dozen or so have reacted in the guestbook, and the e-mail also gives me plenty to do. But to my surprise nobody has reacted to this 17th part of my thoughts yet. Is there an OVERKILL of information even for the mail-artists that are online? Are they only interested in graphics and not in the texts that are about mail art. I wonder. I still am waiting for the first one to react to these words.

  3. But I am not alone. The discussion-line that Mark Bloch initiated with his ONEWORLD has only few reactions as well (see link on the list of links that I put online). Do the online people really take the time to read everything or is it all speeded up?

  4. This part was written on 28-8-1997 13:00h


  1. Joost Focquet - C.A.C. , Boulezlaan 60 , 8790 Waregem , Belgium. His letter dated 26 August 1997 arrived on 30 August 1997. The (snail-mail) envelope was made out of a print of the THOUGHTS #17 print-out. Joost writes "stop sobbing and take a deep breath , there are people who read and collect your thoughts on the internet". After this first remark he writes a lot of possitive things about the online thoughts and how they are interesting for newcomers.

  2. On November 8th I received mail from Bernd Reichert (Mail Works , Avenue du Val d'Or 97 , B-1150 Brussels , Belgium). Yes, again a reaction from Belgium. He sent me a print of the THOUGHTS #17, and because he printed it while being online, I noti ced the number & date of the print ( #1635 on 17th October 1997). As I write this the counter should be around the 2000 already, and that since only June 21st 1997. Bernd Reichert writes that he agrees, that communication through the net is difficult, and that he prints the texts & images he finds on paper (when interesting enough). He thinks it isn't that good that so many pages are static and that the persons who put them online don't realize that things should be updated quite regularely. Bernd writes that if he finds an interesting site, he puts the link in his bookmark, but when the site hasn't altered in about 3 months , he just deletes the bookmark. That one way of dealing with it. "We shouldn't try to substitute snail mail or personal communication by WWW, but it helps to transmit (or better: to find) information. I must confess your WWW pages helped me a lot to learn about TAM". Well, nice words, so I now know that these online-thoughts are read. But will Bernd find this reaction that I put online? Just to make sure I will print the file and send it to him by snail-mail. That will work for sure.........(ps. the couner was reset on November 13th 1997!)

  3. On December 2nd I received a printout of the first page of these thoughts #17 from Joe Decie (11 Malvern road , Alexandra Park , Nothingham NG35GZ England) . He must have a colorprinter since the arrow on top of the page was printed too. I wishes I had a colorprinter as well, maybe something for the near future. Joe just wrote on the printout "I Read This. Thank you for your thoughts....Joe Decie" so he must have enjoyed them I hoped. On the statisticsprogram I had already noticed that someone from England frequently visited my pages.....So it was Joe. The counter was set to Zero. Must have been a mistake from the counter-program.

  4. On March 26th 1998 I received a letter from TARTARUGO (Apartado 8577 / 28080 Madrid / SPAIN / e-mail : He sent me a print of the 17th THOUGHTS about mail art in a special way, a brochure as A5 printed with a colour-printer. Due to the colours I can see he also looked at THOUGHTS part 18 , but they are still not really written. Maybe they stay unwritten since I write a lot in the ongoing secret thoughts now. Tartarugo seems to like fluxus a lot and sent me some prints of fluxus-pieces. When I see the use of colour-printers in this way I always enjoy it. Thanks for this reaction Tartarugo!

  5. you?.....list updated till March 26th 1998.

there are also secret thoughts published on this site.......


Ruud Janssen - TAM
P.O.Box 10388
5000 JJ Tilburg

Reproduction of this text is allowed provided that the text isn't changed, source is mentioned, and a copy of the magazine where the text is included in, is sent to TAM.


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