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or have a look at the previous secret thoughts online:

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old scanned image of Ruud Janssen This page will bring the connection to the continued online thoughts, but I haven't started with it yet. Maybe end of 1998 I will continue the serie, although nothing is sure yet. In the summer-vacation I first will travel a lot (South-Germany and Greece) and after that I will start with a new job at a new Unit on the College I am connected to.

Also I started a new project (see: MAIL-ART ) where mail-artists are encouraged to digitize my snail mail-art (with scanner or digital camera) and send it back to me in digital form. Like always I play with the different communication-forms. This new project makes it clear to everybody that not all have the equipment to participate in the new projects that are taking place on the internet. My new project integrates the mail-art network and the online network.

In principle the secret thoughts are online only. But I did distributed some prints via snail-mail as well. You, as a reader, can do the same as well, and you are even encouraged to do so, or to publish these secrets. What more fun is there than publish secrets? With the help of Tartarugo (Spain) I now have a colour-printed set of these first 9 secret thoughts. The including of graphics makes it slower to download for you all, but the printed results look very nice

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