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Started on 26-05-1997


RJ :††††† Welcome to this mail-interview. First let me ask you the traditional question. When did you get involved in the mail-art network?


Reply on 28-8-1997


TU :†††† It was when you sent me an invitation for sending in Rubberstamp prints to fill your archive. I never heard of Mail-Art before at the Art-academy. At St. Joost in Breda we just learned about the so-called traditional art-forms so it was nice to hear about this new art form.


††††††††††† If you are looking for a year, I guess it must have been 1995. In your eyes I must seem very new to mail-art.


RJ :††††† What is the most extreme difference between what youíve learned on the Art Academy compared to mail-art


reply on 10-9-1997


TU :†††† I must say I think I do not know enough about Mail-Art to explain the difference. It is more the feeling that I am now sending my art directly to someone who is interested in it. But I must say that a lot of persons who call themselves Mail-Artist would survive at all it the traditional art-world. They work on cheap paper, donít follow a certain concept and worst of all claim to be artists although they hardly know any basic-techniques that an artists should know.


††††††††††† You asked for the most extreme difference, so there it is: the quality. Iím used to spend weeks on a concept that results in one piece of art. In Mail-Art I see results where I think the person who did it spent one hour for making a dozen of pieces.


††††††††††† But then again, some do send out a lot donít they. You did the same.


RJ :††††† Yes I did the same but in the last years I have slowed down a lot and tend to make more personal items. What kind of Mail-Art do you send out?


next answer on 22-9-1997


TU :†††† Well, you know what I send out. You have some nice example in your collection. I concentrate mostly on Artist Books and 3D objects. With this answer you will find some photoís of some things I made. It normally takes a few weeks to make one single object, so I am quite selective about whom I send something.


††††††††††† This also counts for projects. Only when the invitation looks good enough I am tempted to send out something good. If I get a Xerox of a project that looks like it is just a collector that is trying to build up a collection I just send them a postcard or a photo of my work. My normal Artist Books sell for 200 US$, so I am not sending them out for collectors with no price attached.


RJ :††††† Do Mail-Art and money mix in Mail-Art?


Never received a next answer.



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The Unexpected

Tongerlose Hoefstraat 95

5046 NGTilburg




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Ruud Janssen

P.O. box 10388

5000 JJ Tilburg