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13-01-2018 : The Website is still active but a wordpress blog has been created where visitors go first. There they get the latest news and can find links to specific areas of the old website. This new structure makes accesibility better and also makes additions of new information easier.


13-11-2017 : Some small errors are corrected. This website will stay online, but new additions are made in the Blog part that can be acced through the main menu.


13-06-2015 : A wordPress Blog has been created arround the basic website. It guides visitors to the old places and the new places and gives the website a newer look. Blog structure makes it easier to maintain too.

DATE & Description of the update:


05-08-2011 : Update on several sections of the website.


01-12-2010 : The Web-Shop for IUOMA PR products is available at : Webshop IUOMA PR-Products.

25-07-2010 : Some link errors are corrected in the site.

05-06-2010 : Some links are updated and soms old Tilburg-addresses are changed into the new Breda-address.

02-05-2010 : The archive-files for the IUOMA-blog and the Mail-Art Projects blog are updated and the first 2010 files are available.

30-04-2010 : Some broken links are corrected. New publications available at: IUOMA's Bookstore where also the essay and slides of the lecture at the Stendhal Gallery and the book about the IUOMA (1988-2008) are available.

24-03-2010 : For the exhibition at the Stendhal Gallery in New York (April- May 2010) I wrote an essay on the subject Fluxus, Mail-Art and Rubberstamps which is also available here: essay_stendhal-gallery_ruud_janssen_v_1_10.pdf.

01-01-2010 : The archive-files for the IUOMA-blog and the Mail-Art Projects blog are updated.


23-09-2009 : New link to new blogs are added on the main-page.

12-04-2009 : The archive-files for the IUOMA-blog and the Mail-Art Projects blog are updated.

03-01-2009 : The copyright dates are adjusted to 2009

01-01-2009 : Launch of the new book with Statements about Mail-Art in it. Most that has been written and sometimes is published on this site is now bundled into one book. See details at: http://www.lulu.com/content/5521047 or go to the overview of all the books that are published at: IUOMA's Storefront for mail-art related books or Fluxus Heidelberg's Storefront for FLuxus related books by Litsa Spathi and Ruud Janssen


13-11-2008 : The old IUOMA-Yahoo group got updated to a new IUOMA-platform based on WEB 2.0 technology. Invitations have been sent out. The site will form the platform to interconnect all mail-artistst. See for yourself at: http://iuoma-network.ning.com/

28-06-2008 : On the IUOMA PR page a digital image of the IUOMA-magazine is added, Front- and Back-cover.

01-06-2008 : The complete set of Mail-Interviews is published in a set of five books. They are available for everybody. Details of the links can be found at: Mail-Art of the Week

16-03-2008 : On request of Rea Nikonova the interview from this site has been removed. If someone wants to receive a print, that is off course always possible. Just send me an e-mail.

27-01-2008 : I added more new images to the archive Mail-Art of the Week so have a look....

13-01-2008 : Because the TAM Rubberstamp Archive is now 25 years old some special things will happen. First: A book is published with the basic information of the first two exhibitions of the archive. Details are added in the TAM RSA - section on this site. See: http://www.iuoma.org/rub_arch.html


Locations of visitors to this page 10-10-2007 : On the main-indexpage the statistical tool ClustrMap has been added. This IUOMA-site so far has had 50.000+ visitors. This map shows a global view of where the visitors come from. It will take some time to fill the map, but the final result will be interesting.

01-09-2007 : Also the Mail-Art Projects Blog is now archived in .PDF files and can be accessed on this IUOMA-Site. This way a historic collection of mail-art projects that take place from June 2006 will be available in a digital fomat for everybody.

26-08-2007 : In 2004 I started with my first BLOG. Over the years it has grown quite a bit and contains in 2007 almost 1000 entries. To archive all these postings I made special .PDF - files each month and have placed them here: http://www.iuoma.org/iuomablogarchive.html on this IUOMA-site.

23-06-2007 : A set of New Text Cards to be send out. is published on this site. Go to the IUOMA-Blog quickly if you want to be one of the receivers.....

06-06-2007 : I added more images to the archive Mail-Art of the Week so have a look....

go to the image of week 21

30-04-2007 : Folder about TAM Rubberstamp Archive. is added to the list.

26-04-2007 : Folder about Mail-Art websites is added to TAM-Publications. Another .PDF file that I will also distribute in printed format.

23-04-2007 : Folder about the New Generations in Mail-Art. is added to TAM-Publications.

15-04-2007 : New Folders are written and published: Folder about Mail-Art Historification and Folder about The Postal System.

05-03-2007 : I restarted the file Mail-Art of the Week because the BLOG's aren't always the best place to archive things. This way all the texts and visuals on the blog will gradually also be available on the IUOMA-site as well.


29-09-2006 : On the Main page a link to TAM was here - A Mail-Art Project I did in 1983-1986, is added.

31-07-2006 : In the Mail-Art links list I have added a long list of mail-art related BLOGS for you to find. It is actually a copy of the linklist I keep on my own mail-Blog at WWW.IUOMA.BLOGSPOT.COM. The list is 73 long, so a lot of digital archives out there, including some of my own.

27-07-2006 : Some new Blogs are started. They will document some collections that are in the TAM Archive Go to the main-page of the IUOMA-site to find the links to these sites.

26-05-2006 : This site is update a bit and old links are removed. The interactive sites are linked to from the main page of the site. Slowly the content of this archive-site of TAM and IUOMA will grow.


07-08-2005 : Via the link to my go to my BLOG you can see the newest additions.

06-08-2005 Updated the new address for the IUOMA-membershipcards.


21-10-2004 : For the latest details and exhibition a .PDF-file of the catalogue was made and is available HERE: (remember, it is a 3,8 Mbyte large file!) GET THE CATALOGUE of the exhibition at the L-Gallery in Moscow - Russia - 2004. Also the poster of the exhibition was added at the TAM Rubber Archive section.

02-10-2004 : I added a link to my BLOG and added a statistical tool there. At this blogger I post the latest news and visitors can even leave comments. Will be fun.

23-06-2004 : I started my own BLOG with the latest thoughts at http://iuoma.blogspot.com.

04-02-2004 : The text Mail-Art at the Mirror written for Ruggero Maggi - Italy (feb 2004)

19-01-2004 : Visual Poetry - (Drawing by Ruud Janssen) - PART 2, is published on the site.

17-01-2004 : The New Secrets about Mail-Art - Part 3

11-01-2004 : Some images are changed in the site. Since I have a new scanner I can produce better quality images. Slowly more images will be added and/or changed.


18-12-2003 : The New Secrets about Mail-Art - Part 2 in which I explain what I have been up to these last years and how I see Mail-Art nowadays, includes also fragments of what others have published online.

04-12-2003 : The mail-interview with Rea Nikonova is illustrated with visuals that were created during the interview. She was living in Eysk, Russia, then. The newest address is included as well.

16-11-2003 : Overview of the Mail-Art CD's in the TAM-Archive Collection - November 2003 (a .PDF file) is placed in the Publications list.

08-11-2003 : Click on this image to read the .PDF file with statementsJust before the year 2000 started, I experimented with the programm PowePoint presentations which resulted in these set of Visuale Statements which are still very up-to-date today!

08-11-2003 : After being silent for a few years here they are: The New Secrets about Mail-Art in which I explain what I have been up to these last years and how I see Mail-Art nowadays.....

24-10-2003 : Added the Visual Poem: "IT DOES" to the site. An Animated gif that shows you the poem. An experiment.......

23-10-2003 : Added a new visual for the IUOMA that was created by Tine Vercruysse (Belgium).

19-09-2003 : Together with my partner Litsa Spathi I started the Fluxus Heidelberg Center in which we work together in Fluxus Performances.

08-07-2003 : A TIN with Chicken Ragout from Qpidoremix - Amsterdam (9 photos).

07-07-2003 : Images by Tensetendoned (USA) with TAM and Janssen on them.

24-06-2003 : The Mail-Art Postagestamp from the Belgium Postal office is added to the extreme Mailings overview.

22-06-2003 : Overview of the Mail-Art CD's in the TAM-Archive. Update collection till June 22nd 2003.

14-05-2003 : Start of the overview of extreme Mailings to TAM / IUOMA - Started May 2003

13-04-2003 : Start of overview of the Mail-Art CD's in the TAM-Archive.

29-03-2003 : For my partner I put the site of Nobody Press online. Have a look.....

22-02-2003 : Updated the IUOMA-main page with new links and overview of the growth of IUOMA-members online till today.

18-02-2003 : Updated the IUOMA-Members contribution page with more visuals that have come in.

17-02-2003 : Texts for Peter W. Kaufman - DNC 1992-2002. written on 17-2-2003. My new (?) views of the network.

14-02-2003 : General update to repair broken links and small items.


10-09-2002 : The Mail-Interview links are restored and the messageboard was removed (provider stopped the service)

28-06-2002 : There is a Group home page : IUOMA-GROUP PAGE where all members can join and leave messages. Also you can reach all members via e-mail and leave photo's by yourself. Reach the IUOMA-Members via the Group email : iuoma@yahoogroups.com (possible via the site once you have become a online member!

01-06-2002 :POSTCARDS by IUOMA-member I.Q.C.M from Spain. Good enough to give him his own page!

02-02-2002 : A new Memberships Form for IUOMA-members is added.


11-12-2001 : A mail-interview with Ruud Janssen by H.R. Fricker (Switserland).

25-11-2001 : New (unfinished) Interviews are added to the site!

26-03-2001 : The interview with Stangroom (USA) was added to the list.

25-03-2001 : The interview with Litsa Spathi was removed from the list.

13-03-2001 : In the Interview-section interviews with Litsa Spathi and Clive Phillpot are added.

15-02-2001 : Some broken links are removed.


08-12-2000 : The GUESTBOOK was full so I emptied it...... You can fill it again!

02-12-2000 : New images are added in the Biography and in the overview of Recent Art.

28-11-2000 : A new site for the IUOMA got launched.

26-09-2000 : Added three new INTERVIEWS in the list of this project

03-06-2000 : Added visitor-polls on the TAM-Publications -page & others.

10-05-2000 : Removed the artist circle banner on main page.


21-05-1999 : Some new photos of Ruud Janssen are added.

07-03-1999 : Some backgrounds from one of Ruud Janssen's acryl-paintings.

27-02-1999 : New file in MAIL ART gallery PART - 7 .

26-02-1999 : Started file MAIL ART image of the WEEK.

23-01-1999 : 20 new visuals added for INTERVIEW project

20-01-1999 : The visual part of interview with Litsa Spathi put online.

17-01-1999 : Bought a digital camera and am adding new visuals.

16-01-1999 : In GUESTBOOK file GUESTS - 6 created.

13-01-1999 : Layout of TAM PUBLICATIONS is changed.

new visuals in the biography


11-12-1998 : New file in MAIL ART gallery PART - 6 .

13-11-1998 : The structure for visual part interview with Litsa Spathi (Germany).

06-11-1998 : New MAIL-ART PART-5 addition in exhibition.

22-10-1998 : The newst project for RAY JOHNSON.

the color-version of the hardcopy issue of Carlo Pittore's interview 21-10-1998 : The latest NEWSLETTER of the mail-interview project (november 98)

19-10-1998 : File with IUOMA-members contributions.

04-10-1998 : In GUESTBOOK file GUESTS - 5 created.

19-09-1998 : Humberto Nilo: Censorship and Attack in CHILE: READ THIS.

15-09-1998 : New MAIL-ART (RECENT) and some other additions.

07-07-1998 : Structure for more files with mail art by Ruud Janssen.

24-06-1998 : Overview of some MAIL ART - PART 1 that I sent out.

17-06-1998 : Article about WEB art / Internet Art (by Andrej Tisma , Yugoslavia).

07-06-1998 : New file THIS created.

27-05-1998 : In GUESTBOOK file GUESTS - 4 created.

26-05-1998 : New file about PROMOTING the IUOMA.

21-05-1998 : Text of VITTORE'S IM98 UPDATE-4 online.

20-05-1998 : Michael Lumb's Thesis online (see: THESIS on MAIL ART).

19-05-1998 : Navigation made easier and backgrounds changed.

16-05-1998 : Start of the FAQ - file (Frequestly Asked Questions).

10-05-1998 : Start of the online interview with CHARLES FRANÇOIS.

19-04-1998 : New file with STATISTICAL charts online.

18-04-1998 : Text of VITTORE'S IM98 UPDATE-3 online.

18-04-1998 : OVERVIEW of all (public) thoughts that are written.

12-04-1998 : the TAM and IUOMA animation was added :

28-03-1998 : 10 more new digital photos included.

24-03-1998 : Special LOGOS of the IUOMA page.

info about the IUOMA 22-03-1998 : The advertising of IUOMA with stickers.

21-03-1998 : In GUESTBOOK file GUESTS - 3 created.

15-03-1998 : Recent ACRYL-PAINTINGS online.

17-02-1998 : More at TAM-PUBLICATIONS.

10-02-1998 : the alt-option added to images.

04-02-1998 : Text of VITTORE'S IM98 UPDATE-2 online.

31-01-1998 : The FEBRUARY ISSUE of newsletter INTERVIEWS.

19-01-1998 : More animated gif's are added in several pages.

18-01-1998 : New CRAZY PAGE is added.

go to RECENT ART 11-01-1998 : New digital photos are included.

09-01-1998 : In GUESTBOOK file GUESTS - 2 created.

05-01-1998 : More secret thoughts for you : 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 .


23-12-1997 : Recent ARTWORKS in digital form online.

10-12-1997 : Text of VITTORE'S IM98 UPDATE-1B online.

10-12-1997 : Text about EDGARDO ANTONIO VIGO added.

01-12-1997 : new graphics are added.

28-11-1997 : Some errors corrected and new graphics included.

20-11-1997 : A VERY IMPORTANT file was added to TAM-Publications.

19-11-1997 : Background-images and graphics added.

15-11-1997 : the file SEX & MAIL-ART is made to see how it attracts visitors.

13-11-1997 : the counter is reset at zero on this date!

12-11-1997 : The file Strategies in making of HTML-pages.) was put online.

08-11-1997 : The GUESTBOOK is cleaned up and file GUESTS - 1 is created.

30-10-1997 : Some graphics on the pages are made clickable.

17-10-1997 : New statistic program NEDSTAT added and accesible for visitors!

12-10-1997 : Links to the MAIL ART ONLINE assembly are placed.

11-10-1997 : The IUOMA gets its own e-mail address : mail to the IUOMA

07-10-1997 : All thoughts and secret thoughts are linked to each other.

01-10-1997 : TAM-Publications gets more links and a mailing-list for updates.

29-09-1997 : Structures for secret thoughts online 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , is made.

25-09-1997 : The file Secret thoughts about mail-art was started online.

24-09-1997 : Javascript added to the main-page (not visible)

14-09-1997 : The files ERASER-CARVING and Go to TEXT about chainletters and Recycling CHAIN-LETTERS are added.

13-09-1997 : The list of LINKS to MAIL ART sites is updated.

12-09-1997 : Adding of the statistics on the Index-page & start of the update file.

06-08-1997 : Page that contains RECENT photos of Ruud Janssen.

30-06-1997 : Adding of the GUESTBOOK to the main-page of the site.

21-06-1997 : Adding of the counter to the pages (starting at zero)

15-06-1997 : All statements are online at the TAM-PUBLICATIONS part of this site


21-12-1996 : The BIOGRAPHY gets online.

11-12-1996 : Report of my TRIP TO SAN FRANCISCO / USA on-line.

09-10-1996 : The text EVOLUTION is published online.

29-09-1996 : The text NETWORKING, MAIL-ART & Internet gets online.

12-09-1996 : The Newsletter of the MAIL-INTERVIEWS gets on-line.

10-06-1996 : The start of this site.


tam honors Ray Johnson on the Internet

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