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Vittore Baroni's IM98 project - update 5.

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This e-mail I received from Vittore Baroni on July 12th 1998 The update of Vittore's IM98 project - Ruud Janssen.

update #5 was sent by e-mail

Update n.5 
July 1998
UNSUSCRIBE: if you do not want to receive the next four bi-monthly updates, simply answer to this e-mail with "STOP IM98". 1998: A YEAR OF INCONGRUOUS MEETINGS (IM)PERSONAL INVITE "Our collective unconscious (incongruous) needs some prodding now & then" The Sticker Dude. Yes, ANOTHER WORLD-WIDE DECENTRALIZED COMMUNICATION PROJECT has been unlashed on an unsuspecting planet. You waited enough for it, now here it is: 1998: A YEAR OF INCONGRUOUS MEETINGS in-con-gru-ous adj. (L. incongruus) not congruous a - lacking harmony or agreement; incompatible. b - having inconsistent or inharmonious parts, elements, etc. c - not corresponding to what is right, proper or reasonable; unsuitable; inappropriate. You have done the hard work already, congressing and lecturing in 1986, re-congressing and networking in 1992, so relax: NOW YOU CAN HAVE FUN. Participation in the IM98 is open and free to all: mailartists, netsurfers, musicians, shopkeepers, shoplifters, aliens, subgenii, rabbits, rabbis, you-name-it. There is not a single sound reason to meet again but there are all the incongruous reasons in the world, IF YOU CAN JUST THINK UP ONE: so keep working-sleeping-consuming or FIND A THEME, ORGANIZE AN IM IN 1998 and take part in as many IM proposed by others as you wish/can. IT IS AS EASY AS THAT: organize+participate+document,then send (if you want) your incongruous documentation to E.O.N., via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, Italy to be included in a free for all Conclusive IM98 Calendar-Catalog. Nothing and everything may happen at an Incongruous Meeting, so share gibberish and memories, follow your ethereal instinct and start brand new correspondance. it goes by six+six+six: MAC 86 (Mail Art Congress 1986) + 6 = DNC 92 (Decentralized Networker Congress 1992) + 6 = IM 98 (Incongruous Meetings 1998) Could we live so far apart for more than 6 years? DUPLICATE, IMPROVE, REWRITE freely and DISTRIBUTE widely all the texts in this message. - THIS IS A NO COPYRIGHT PROJECT - TRANSLATE and ADJUST the IM98 invite in your own language and CIRCULATE it in your country. DESIGN A LOGO, SUGGEST A CONVOCATION, CREATE A (RUBBER)STAMP, INVENT A SLOGAN FOR THE INCONGRUOUS MEETINGS OF 1998. -------------------- THANKS: to Joel S.Cohen/Ragged Edge Press for printing a bunch of IM98 leaflets, stickers and rubberstamps (and for a lot more); to the magazines Boek 861, P.O.Box, ANNA. AMANITA (e-mail mag) and Open World for help in circulating the IM98 invites; to VIVA LAS VEGASTAMPS,
and to Tartarugo"
for posting the invites and updates in their web sites.
See also".

Thanks to all those who already sent documentation of held meetings, you know who you are. WARNING: The meetings that have already taken place are omitted from this version of the IM98 list, a complete documentation will be included in the final catalogue-calendar. While the idea of a mail art "decentralized congress" originated from german/swiss artist Gunther Ruch in 1986, I want to stress again here that the spirit of this project does NOT (hopefully) involve a dull replay of what has already happened (twice) in the form of rational and reasonable discussions of networking-related topics, nor is the IM98 list intended to be a mere depository for mail-art-show-type invites or other messages COMPLETELY off-theme. Therefore, not included in this list are some submissions that totally avoided to take into consideration the concepts of "meeting" and/or "incongruity" (though also these contributions will be included in the final documentation). If too many projects confuse & annoy you, just pick up one! Here we go: MEET YOURSELF WHEN: Now. WHERE: There. WHAT: I want to meet myself. WHO: I went out to meet myself but found out I was not home, disappointed I returned... and there I was! WHY: don't know me (yes, it is as easy as that!). TO THE TOP WHEN: whenever two or more networkers meet in 1998. WHERE: any mountain top. WHAT: whenever two or more networkers meet in 1998, on any mountain top, there an IM98 takes place. WHO: a convocation by H. R. Fricker. WHY: to be on top. INTERNATIONAL TAX FORM DAY WHEN: on the day the taxes are due. WHERE: in every Country where taxes are paid. WHAT: rip the tax form in tiny pieces and throw it in the water-closet while reciting lines from "The Divine Comedy". WHO: Umberto Principi/MAGAM. WHY: to wait for the tax collector and pay also the additional taxes... I SANTINI DEL PRETE MEETING WHEN: from January 1st to December 31st 1998. WHERE: anywhere but preferably in a train station. WHAT: choose a person with whom you will create an intense common feeling, identifying yourself with I Santini Del Prete (lit."the priest's saint holy pictures", a duo of railwaymen-performers). Send a photo to R. Del Prete, C.P. 133, 57013 Rosignano Solvay, Li, Italy. Catalogue in 1999. WHO: a project by Franco Santini and Raimondo Del Prete. WHY: you are I Santini Del Prete! FESTIVAL OF THE WRITTEN BANKNOTE WHEN: from January 1st till December 31st, 1998. WHERE: somewhere over the network. WHAT: write a message and/or your address on the cheapest banknote of your country, then mail it to Stefano Marcoz, via St. Martin de Corleans n.300, 11100 Aosta, Italy. On January 1st 1999, a 32 years old dwarf will mix the banknotes and mail them back at random to all the participants. WHO: Richard Chase. WHY: because money is communication. EXPLODING PLASTIC INEVITABLE WHEN: from today till December 31st, 1998. WHERE: anywhere, but preferably in your bathroom. WHAT: write "Contains a Bomb - Handle with Care" on some envelopes or packets. Insert anything that comes to your mind in the envelope/packet, for example a sheet with the word "BOOM!" on it. Send this stuff to the larger number of people you can reach, including me. I'll try to catalogue everything that will reach my address. WHO: Maurizio Mercuri, via Raffaello 4, 84081 Baronissi (SA), Italy. WHY: will the Post Office open the envelopes/packets to verify what is inside?... SPIRIT DREAMS WHEN: at midnight any night. WHERE: on your doorstep. WHAT: raise your hands and spirits high to ward off the evil from past abuse. WHO: survivors of child abuse, mental and physical. WHY: for strenght, hope, and love. TARTARUGO FLUXUS ACTION N.1 WHEN: anytime in 1998. WHERE: anywhere. WHAT: realize this performance. 1- take a bus carrying the remote control of your TV. 2-sit down by the side of a window. 3-as the bus goes on, press at random the different buttons of the remote control. 4.observe through the window the changes in the landscape every time you press a button. 5-avoid to get to any conclusion. WHO: Tartarugo, apartado 8577, 28080 Madrid, Spain. WHY: anyreason. REMEMBER THE POST OFFICE WHEN: midday every weekday in 1998. WHERE: Ipswich old Post Office, England. WHAT: attempt to purchase a stamp. WHO: a project by Michael Lumb. WHY: to remember the loss of the Post Office. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH WHEN: any Wednesday in 1998. WHERE: your local lecture hall or fishmonger's or hat shop. WHAT: stand with one hand raised in the air and, when someone asks you what you want, shout, "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH" (repeat as many times as you feel necessary). WHO: inaugerated by Joe Decie and Apple Jack Dada. WHY: to fight against art, fishmongery and the selling of hats. CLAMOR BRZESKA WHEN: each third Saturday of the month, starting April 25th, 1998. WHERE: Barraca Vorticista, Barrio de Flores, Buenos Aires. For the project, I emptied a big room in my house, which used to be a sculpture workshop, to open this place. WHAT: meetings with actions, performances & exhibitions of mail art will be held monthly during the year. Free works and participation from those who would like to virtually "be" at these meetings will be received via e-mail . WHO: Vortice Argentina, c/o Fernando Garca Delgado, Bacacay 3103 - (1406) Buenos Aires, Argentina. WHY: main objective of this project is to draw insistence closer with a more concrete sense of movement. Thus, it seeks to inculcate a vigorous state of action and rebellion in all its followers, generating energetic attempts intended to reanimate existence itself. MORANDI CONSPIRACY MOVEMENT WHEN: July 20th, 1998. WHERE: at Artestudio/Afterstudio, via San Bernardino 88, 24028 Ponte Nossa, BG, Italy. WHAT: all networkers can visit and consult materials about the "Morandi Conspiracy Movement". WHO: Emilio Morandi. WHY: to testify belonging to the family of independent artists, no more isolated, and the continuity of the researches in the network. MARCELLAND WHEN: July 20th, 1998. WHERE: Bkk National Park, Miskolc, Hungary. WHAT: International Mail Art Exhibition in the open air. Send before July works in any technique and any size with short CV, anything accepted by the post (no returns, photo documentation to participants). Then come and meet in Marcelland! Marcelland will be the "forest of desires", everybody will have a tree. WHO: Tibor Vass, Miskolc Art Workshop, Matyas kiraly ut 13. 7/1, H-3525 Miskolc, Hungary. WHY: everybody has his/her own Marcell/Marcella: man/woman of the dream. Let's collect and exhibit them in a beautiful spot of the Bkk mountains, let them breath some fresh air. TAKE A BATH WITHOUT UNDERPANTS WHEN: on July 24th 1998, from dusk till dawn. WHERE: on the beach of Sassi Neri in Sirolo (Ancona), Italy. WHAT: an happy and incongruous day at the beach, maybe with some dress but without underpants. WHO: multiple ideas in motion. WHY: it is forbidden to forbid and we should remember this to all the bigoted, institutional and not. CHIAPAS, THE FIRST SOCIAL REVOLUTION OF THE III MILLENNIUM WHEN: July 25th, 1998. WHERE: in the AEBU Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay. WHAT: the Chiapas Art Mail Show will be opened. WHO: organized by Clemente Padin . WHY: because the bloodless revolution in Chiapas - Mexico launched by the people and modified by world opinion, through revolutionary announcements in all media, above all through the internet, have made the humanitarian principles of this social revolution a model to follow: without guns and blood only with the reason, truth and for the justice of our cause to raise the standars of living for our peoples. VEC SUMMER EVENT WHEN: on a mid summer night. WHERE: Baula mountain, Iceland, on the road to Middalir (the name "Baula" is the sound made by a lost cow in icelandic). WHAT: 1 - search for lost cows; 2 - perfect the bovine lobotomy machine; 3 - frighten away the darkness. WHO: the VEC inner circle + friends. WHY: because somebody has to keep the darkness of nighttime under control whilst the world watches soccer on TV. TEA TIME WHEN: a warm day in August or September 1998. WHERE: in a tea shop or outdoors. WHAT: with a friend or a stranger have a cup of tea and read each other tea leaves, then e-mail me a report of it, and maybe send a photo. WHO: Patricia Tavenner . WHY: why not. FREE THE GARDEN DWARVES WHEN: every week-end in August and September 1998, when two or more free individualities meet and are disgusted by seeing garden dwarves held captive against their will. WHERE: in the gardens, in the fields and in the parks. WHAT: kidnap the dwarves and set them free in their natural habitat (the woods). WHO: Garden Dwarves Liberation Front & Anarcociclismo (anarchocycling movement). WHY: fight tha middleclasswayoflife. ONE WORLD ORGASM WHEN: August 8th, 1998 (and on that date every year from now on). WHERE: Wherever this message is heard... from Alaska to Zaire (in range of alphabet and temperature). WHAT: International Orgasm Day: the whole world joining together to celebrate orgasm... solo, in couples, in groups... monosexually, bisexually, homosexually, heterosexually... focusing on positive energy celebration... What will you do? WHO: Alex Igloo (who is collecting information on planned events as well as doing documentation afterwards of all consumated orgasmic events, so do something fun and unusual). Send your info now or later to or A. Igloo, 91 East Street, Bristol, Vermont 05443 USA. WHY: to celebrate body energy, ecstacy, pleasure, delight... (maybe even a little less crime/war/violence for a day also). T-shirts, bumper-stickers, etc. available soon! CONGRESS OF INCONGRUOUS POETICS WHEN: August 20-23, 1998. WHERE: at Dreamtime Village, rt.1 box 131 La Farge, WI, 54639 USA. WHAT: anyone interested is welcomed to present proposals to install, exhibit, teach, perform, read...etc. In addition an (e)mail art show is soliciting works in any media on the theme of incongruous poetics . For those unable to attend in person, a web site will host virtual presentations as well as an electronic version of the mail art show. WHO: organized by Miekal And & Myles Robert. WHY: this four days congress ($ 7/day or $25/whole shebang) is devoted to a celebration of all things poetically marginalized & experimental. WE LIKE NO!ART WHEN: on September 3rd, 1998. WHERE: in some streets of Wien. WHAT: announcement with posters, we call it "Placart". WHO: Charistos & Ansai, PF 350, 1070 Wien, Austria. WHY: hommage to No!Art (Boris Lurif, Sam Goodman, Allen Kaprov...) STONES WITH PC WHEN: September 10th, 1998, hr. 10 am, at the opening of the show of stones sent to the project "Mail-stones for Meana Sardo". WHERE: Meana Sardo near Nuoro, Sardegna, Italy, under the Nolza "nuraghe" (3 km. from the town). WHAT: computerized mail-artists and prehistoric mail-artists will battle in performance. WHO: Gianni Broi and Annamaria Caracciolo (Free Dog Club) who launched the challenge "computerized friends, how will you send us stones with your PC?". Sandwiches and soft drinks for all. Contact: C.P. 684, 50123 Firenze, Italy - e-mail . WHY: because dear old mail art will not disappear without giving battle. THE REVOLUTION HAS ALREADY TAKEN PLACE DAY WHEN: September 18th 1998 (from 0 to 24 hr). WHERE: any fucking where. WHAT: on this day everyone will behave as if the revolution had already happened. There will be no good ones and bad ones, no judgement, no restraint and no violence (remember? It has already happened). In the full respect for the others, everyone shall behave as it pleases him/her. Bring your own condoms, drugs and music.The key number will be 39. WHO: all the persons that, like Sergio Messina/RadioGladio, believe that any real change will begin within one's own body/mind. WHY: to prove that anything is still possible. OCTOBER IN THE RAILOAD EARTH WHEN: the month of October, 1998. WHERE: anywhere one or more (mail) artists make a poem, painting, object, performance, photography, graffiti by a railroad track or train. WHAT: to celebrate the work and life of Jack Kerouac and his prose piece/sound poem "October in the Railroad Earth". If you would like to send a documentation of your Incongruous Meeting - in any media - to the address below, you will receive a reply and work from me. WHO: Dave Baptiste Chirot, 2542 N.Farwell n.5, Milwaukee, WI 53211 USA. WHY: to honour Jack Kerouac, railroads for their spirit of adventure, their sounds and their movement. YU-ITALIAN IM98 WHEN: 19 October-1 November 1998. WHERE: NUBS Gallery, Mitropolita Petra 8, Beograd, Yugoslavia. WHAT: exhibition by Emilio Morandi + Giovanni Strada, cooperative performances with Dobrica Kamperelic (and our wives) and the rest of the people here... WHO: Strada/Morandi/Kamperelic. WHY: our friendship growing, we have the same opinions about art and art activities. 10-22-38 ASTORIA WHEN: on October 22nd, 1998. WHERE: at your nearest xerox machine. WHAT: meet a photocopying machine and together make a work celebrating the first xerox print 60 years ago. Photocopy your hand, stick it on a card, cut round it, add stamp & address below, send to me. Documentation to all. WHO: A.1. Waste Paper Co. Ltd., 71 Lambeth Walk, London SE11, England, UK. WHY: to remember a great man, and a great invention. CABBAGES FOR A SNACK WHEN: October 23rd, at tea break time. WHERE: in front of the most useless Faculty in your town (or nearest University town). WHAT: several individuals meet bringing radios, blasters, cassette-recorders transmitting loud noises, and eat cabbages for a snack (italian saying for "it has nothing to do with the subject"). WHO: an invite from the New Plagiarist Alliance, Rome. WHY: eating cabbages as a snack is really disturbing. 50 YEARS SINCE THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS WHEN: 7-8-9 November 1998. WHERE: in Quilmes, prov. Buenos Aires, Argentina. WHAT: demonstrations, recitals, exhibitions, individual or group performances and any other activity on human rights to be performed on the street. All projects accepted, all artworks exhibited, no returns. WHO: confirm your presence so we might find some lodgings, contact Claudio Fabian Perez, Centro de Arte Moderno, Dorrego 176, (1878) Quilmes, Argentina. WHY: as an occasion for a meeting in favour of Human Rights in the World. FRIDAY THIRTEEN WHEN: on Friday 13th November 1998. WHERE: a place of normality (like a town square). WHAT: all participants will shout abusive remarks to normal passers-by. WHO: minority groups (race, gender, disability). WHY: to make everyone else feel crap for a moment, before going on unaffected by the meeting. To try and raise a sense of oneness. INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PASTA EATING WHEN: November 22nd, 1998 at supper time. WHERE: on, under or on top of your supper table where you normally eat. WHAT: prepare a supper table for one or more people; cook up bowls of pasta and sauce (any type), have cheese, pepper, etc. to serve on pasta. Eat pasta and think about mail art. WHO: I (Arturo Giuseppe Fallico) or more hungry people. WHY: to realize that eating pasta is a way of life, and enjoying pasta with others is a benefical and rewarding experience. AN ACTION FOR YVES KLEIN WHEN: for 24 hrs on Friday, November 27, 1998. WHERE: World wide. WHAT: an incongruous leap into the void, a jump into space. Document this action by having someone take a photograph of you leaping/jumping into space. Send a copy to the address below, for inclusion in documentation and the final gathering of this incongruous meeting. WHO: Stephen Perkins, 1816 E. College St., Iowa City, IA 52245, Usa. WHY: November 27, 1998 is the anniversary of the publication of Yves Klein's one day newspaper, "Dimanche" (Sunday, Nov. 27, 1960). In this newspaper was the first publication of the famous photography of Klein leaping into the void. INTERNATIONAL SITTING ON YOUR TOILET DAY WHEN: December 13th, 1998 at 7:11 AM. WHERE: on your favorite toilet (mine is green colored). WHAT: decide to sit on your toilet, for about 10 minutes, reading, singing, chanting, eating or snoring. WHO: I (Arturo Giuseppe Fallico) or more (?) people. WHY: to realize that the modern toilet is an important part of life, and to give praise and thanks to it. LET'S PARTY WITH "M"! WHEN: December 23rd, 1998, hr. 5 pm. WHERE: City Lights bookstore, via San Niccolo' 23/r, Firenze, Italy. WHAT: all participants should reach the bookstore with an imaginary small holy picture of Maldoror. WHO: Carmine Mangone. WHY: to worthily celebrate his 31st birthday. TZART WHEN: December 26th, 1998. WHERE: Santiago Rusintol n.51-1ødercha, 50002 Zaragoza, Spain. WHAT: Tzar God is - Zaragosse - Zaragoza. WHO: Pedro Bericat, Apartado 4033, 50080 Zaragoza, Spain.. WHY: Tzart (photoreturn). ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS WHEN: December 31st 1998. WHERE: in front of the Museum of Museums, Bouckaerstraat 8, 8790 Waregem, Belgium. WHAT: R.I.P. WHO: Johan Van Geluwe/A.R.T. (Art Recycling Terminal). WHY: L'art poor l'art / Mort pour l'art / L'or pour l'art. SZTUKA FABRYKA IM98 IN LONDON WHEN: Thursday the 31st of December 1998, start at 11 pm. WHERE: in London, England, at Trafalgar Square under (or near) Nelson's column. WHAT: celebrating another fine start of a new year all together with some mail artists. Bring mail art symbols of recognition on bannes of all sizes. WHO: Sztuka Fabryka (Geert De Decker, Kerkstraat 290, 9140 Tielrode, Belgium. Phone/Fax ++32(0)3-7708464) and all who want to participate. WHY: to be part of a Mail Art New Years Eve meeting in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. A-WAKE FOR THE MAIL ART SPIRIT WHEN: on December 31st 1998, from dusk till dawn. WHERE: in front of the Art Museum of your town (or the nearest Art Museum). WHAT: all networkers will meet and light candles, incenses, crackers, burn money or perform other impromptu incongruences, waiting for the insidious 6661 reversed. WHO: anonymous multiple invite. WHY: a-wake for the survival of the "mail art spirit" of open, uncompetitive, ethereal, unruly & free exchange. ALIEN COMINGOUT DAY WHEN: January 4th, 1999 at high noon. WHERE: the UFO Museum, P.O. Box 6056, Portland, Oregon 97228-6056 USA. WHAT: send postcards from the universe if you cannot attend - aliens living among us will finally reveal themselves... WHO: "you know who you are". WHY: some things just cannot be kept a secret for long. ---------------------- NOW INVENT YOUR CONVOCATION: Title:................................... WHEN: .............................. WHERE: ........................... WHAT: ............................. WHO: ............................... WHY: ............................... CHOOSE A DAY CHOOSE A PLACE CHOOSE A REASON FILL IN THE FORM ABOVE & ORGANIZE AN INCONGRUOUS MEETING IN 1998! Think up, write down, print and distribute your own convocation. Do not forget (if you want) to mail a clean copy to: E.O.N., via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, Italy phone-fax +39 584 963918 e-mail that will help circulating it world-wide. ORGANIZE+PARTICIPATE+DOCUMENT (yes, it is as easy as that!) INCONGRUOUS MEETINGS 1998 (IM98)

Vittore Baroni, via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, Italy).

© 1998 - 2002 - Vittore Baroni - Italy

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