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TAM-Publications started to list all words encountered in the world of mail-art and networking

This list gives the words found A till K

A-1 Waste Paper Co. Ltd = Michael Leigh, Hazel Jones & Archie, London, England.
A4 = DIN-standard form, approximately 21x30cm.
A5 = half size of an A4-paper
A6 = half size of an A5-paper
AAA = Publishing House by Vitore Baroni & Piermario Ciani, founded in 1996, Italy.
ABC-News = newsletter about mail art by Theo Breuer, Germany (started April 1996)
Abracadabraland = Bill Gaglione, USA.
Abraxus = Noako Masuda & J. Akoitashi, Japan.
AC = Administration Center (see also 42.292), the mail art archive & activities by Guy Bleus, Belgium.
A Classic Pair = Russel Block, USA.
Ace  Comix = Tim Robertson, Joe Acme, Canada.
Ace Space Co. = Dana Atchley.
A H l˘ = Book about the magazine network in Hungarian language by Géza Perneczky , Köln, Germany ISBN 9637855-24-6
Aerial Print= K. Takeishi, Japan.
Aerosol = magazine by Metallic Avau, Belgium.
Afzet = Magazine by Sonja van der Burg & Margot van Oosten, Netherlands.
A.I.M.= Aids International Mail-art (C.W. Poste and Buckwheat Tornado, U.S.A.)
AMAE = Asociation mail-Artistas Espa¤oles, Union of the most active Spanish mail artists founded in 1995 by IBIRICO. Also name of their publication, started in 1995.
Al Blaster = Al Ackerman, USA
Amazon    = Ruggero Maggi, Italy.
An Annotated Bibliography= Large book about mail-art publications by John Held Jr. , USA   (1991) ISBN: 0-8108-2455-8
Animalia = Zine by Laura Gianfreda, Italy.
Anon = Anonymous projects, no names are printed in the documentation.
Anthroart = Volker Hamann, Germany.
Anti-Embargo = Performances, artistamps, rubber stamps and other mail art attempts to protest cultural and information restriction.
AOL = America On-Line, A large computer-network in the USA, also connected to the Internet.
APO = Ashley Parker Owens, editor of Global Mail, San Francisco, USA.
Apto. = Spanish abbreviation for P.O.Box.
Art Correo = Spanish name for mail art.
Art & Tal = Cesar Figueiredo, Portugal.
Arte Ala Carte = Joan Coderre, USA.
Arte Atre = mailart magazine in Italian Language edited by Andrea Ovcinnicoff, Italy
Arte Postale = Mail-Art in Italian Language, also name of mail-art zine by Vittore Baroni
Artestudio = Emilio Morandi, Italy.
ARTISTAMP = Word invented by Mike Bidner, Canada (died on 5-4-1989)
Artistamp News = zine by Anna Banana, Canada. In beginning of 1996, the zine is being edited by Ed Varney, also in Canada.
Artistamps = Not-official postage stamp.
Artists Books = A handmade book made by an artists (mostly one of a kind)
Art Lover = B lint Szombathy, Yugoslavia.
Art Nahpro = Paul Jackson, England.
Artpolice = Michael De Voni.
ARTPOST = Afungusboy, USA
Arto posto = Dorothy Harris, Atlanta, USA.
Artpool = Art Research Center, Galantai, Hungary.
ART RAT = Mario Lara & Gary Lee Nova
Art Reycling Terminal = Johan van Geluwe, Waregem, Belgium.
ART START / KEY POST = Ko de Jonge, Netherlands.
Art-Strike 1990-1993 = Three years in which the word ART should not be used.
Arturo Mozzarella = Arturo Giuseppe Fallico.
ART WORKS = Billy Curmano.
Art-Zero = Project/Name by Klaus Rupp, Germany
ASAP = As Soon As Possible.
AskAlice = Ken B. Miller, USA (editor "the Postman")
Atlantis Free Post = Pawel Petasz, Poland.
Atmosphere Controlled = Morgens Otto Nielsen, Denmark.
Atmospheric Cookie = Julie Paquette, USA
AU = Art Unidentified, Artist Center near Osaka, Japan.
Aumagazine = Artists Union, Shozo Shimamoto, Japan.
Avenue B School of Art Archive = Archive of mail art from John Evans, USA.

B&B = Birds & Borders. Cooperative project of Ever Arts and Rod Summers, Netherlands.
Bagpost = Fernand E. J. Barbot, USA.
BAMBU = International Mail-art magazine. Assembled since 1981 by Ubaldo Giacomucci (and sometimes guest-editors)
BANANA Post = Anna Banana, Canada.
Banana Rag = magazine by Anna Banana, Canada.
Banco de IdeaZ = Cuban mail art group who organized 1995 National Musum Show in  Havana, Cuba.
Bande Magnetique = Barry Pilcher, Ireland.
BBS = Bulletin Board Services (Host-computer).
Beast of the Field = Networker
Bibiozine = An irregular review zine periodical published in connection with the editor's research on international networker culture. By John Held Jr., San Francisco, USA. So far 46 issues (April 1996)
Bidner, Mike = Mail artist from Canada who created the artistamp genre. He died on April 5th 1989. 
BIG Dada = Ed Varney, Canada.
Bio Feedback = Luigi Zecchini, Italy.
BladeRubber Stamps = Rubberstamp shop in the heart of London, run by Paul Taylor. England.
Blaster = Al Ackerman, USA.
Buna = Josip Julian Bunic, Slovenia.
Bobart = Gerard Barbot, USA
Boomerang = Freecards Production, Netherlands.
Boscographix = Seiko Sato, Japan.
Box of fun = Graham Trievel, USA.
Box of Water = zine by Stephen Perkins, USA.
BRAIN CELL = Concept of a networker being a part of a whole. Also project/magazine by Ryosuke Cohen, Japan.
Brain Drain = Jim Simms, Congo, Australia.
Bugpost = Dominique.
BUSTER Post/ OK Post = Buster Cleveland, USA.
BUTTONS = Roger Braddy, USA.
Bro fr Knstlerische Umtriebe auf dem Lande =   H.R. Fricker, Switzerland.
Buzz Blurr = Russell Butler, USA.

Cactus Network = Tony Oredland, England.
CAGE =  Anti-embargo zine by Alexandar Jovanovic, Yugoslavia.
Camouflage = Carl Camu.
Canadada = Canada-name by Ed Varney, Canada.
Canadastamp = Edward Richard Turner.
CARE = Zine from Holland (who knows more?)
CARM-Art = Art Collective (C=Claudia , A = Alexander , R = Richter , M = Messmer)
Carrion, Ulises = Late Mexican/Dutch mail artist (he died October 6th 1989).
Cavellini = Italian mail-artists, selfhistorification. He died in 1990.
CCAG = the Canadian Correspondence Art Gallery, Chuck Stake, Canada.
Censorism = When an artist decides to censor his own work openly. For this purpose 10,000 blue stickers were printed and distributed with a newsletter. (Ruud Janssen - 1993).
Chain-letter = a letter passed on to people who can add their name to the address-list, remove the first name of the address-list and send this person a card or something else. The TAM-Archive currently has a collection of over 800 chainletters. 
CHPR1NTS = Printname of PK+ 's work.
Chuck Stake = Don Mabie, Canada.
Circuit = Mailart network is sometimes called 'curcuit', especially in Italy (Circuito)
Clinch = mail-art magazine by Günther Ruch, Switzerland (there were 10 issues).
Colonna Post = Gaetano Colonna.
Commonpress = Mail-art publications by various editors. First coordinator: Pavel Petasz in Poland. From 1981 and further: G.X. Juppiter- Larsen, Canada. 
Com Poste = Bonnie Byrd.
Compu-art = term used since 1992 for computer created art (K. Fank Jensen, Denmark).
Concept Personality = Mail-art zine by Christ Reider, USA.
Congress = Concept of mail artists gathered together for discussion.
Correspondence Art = Another name for Mail-Art, Also title of sourcebook by Michael Crane, USA, one of the first official books on mail art. ISBN 0-931818-02-8
Cowfman ismus = Peter Kaufmann's own ismus.
Cow Town Art = Patrick Beilman.
Crackerjack Kid = Chuck Welch, USA (sometimes the name is written wrong like Cracker Jack Kid, but
the name written here is correct). Writer of the book "Eternal Network, A mail art Anthology", published
in  1995, University of Calgary Press, Canada.
CRASH = Francis Piri Focardi.
Creative Thing = Leslie Calders, USA.
Curious Thing = zine by Michael Leigh, England. So far there have been 13 issues.
C.W. Poste = Craig Summers, USA.
Cyanobacteria = Institute of J. Lehmus, Finland.

Dada = Deliberately meaningless name of the first anti-art movement (Zurich, 1916)
Dadaland = Picasso (Bill) Gaglione, San Francisco, USA.
Dailly Mail-Art = Altor, Italy.
DanGerART = Gerart Bot, Netherlands.
Dawn Redwood & Don Jarvis = David J. Jarvis, England.
Dazar = Monica Dunlap.
Deisler, Guillermo = Clilean mail artist, also lived in Bulgaria and last years in Germany (he died October 1995). Well known for his magazine Uni/Vers, zine with visual poetry.
Desireau = Carlo Desiro, Italy.
Desirey-Dodge Peace Post = Jan Desirey and Chris Dodge, USA.
Dies = Unmounted rubber stamps
DIKON = Dimity Konstantinov, Russia.
Dislocate Klammer = Kate Klammer.
DIY = Do-it-yourself movement.
DNC = Decentralized Networker Congress. These international congresses took place in the year 1992, but after that year people still called every meeting of 2 or more mail artists a congress.
Doewa-Art = Filip Goebert, Liedekerke, Belgium.
Doc = Documentation, a (printed) record of the exhibition or project with contact-names andaddresses.
DOC(K)S = magazine by Julien Blaine.
DOC(K)S POST = Julien Blaine.
DOGFISH = Robert Charles Rudine, USA.
Doo Da Post = E.F. Higgins III , USA.
Double = Mail-art magazine by Rea Nikonova, Russia (assemblage project).
Duchamp, Marcel = Artist who created an early postal art action in 1916. 

E.A.M.I.S. = Erratic Art Mail International System. Fake institution by Ulises Carrion (he died in 1989)
Ear Art = Audio-art (e.g. audio-cassettes)
Earth Seals = Stickers made by Paul C. Hoffman, USA.
Eat Art = Myke Dyar, USA.
Edition Janus = Eberhard Janke, Berlin, Germany.
E.F. = Eric Finlay, England. (He died beginning 1996).
E.F. Art Pen Kuman = Anagram of Peter Kaufmann.
EGO POST = Peter Below.
Encounter Art = A term created by Andrej Tisma in 1991 (same as MEET ART since 1985) for act of
spiritual exchange when two or more people meet.
E-Net = Eternal Network.
ELEPHANT = Partho Guha.
Elefant Man = Ennio Pauluzzi, Italy (editor Elefanzine).
Elefanzine = Mail-Art zine about elephants edited by Ennio Pauluzzi since 1989 (last issue is nr. 36)
Elliot Cantsin = Illegitimate child of Monty Cantsin + Karen Elliot conceived via seminal mail-art ideas in an envelope.
emailart = electronic mail art. Crackerjack kid's neologism created for the Telenetlink - spring 1991
emailart (not e-mailart) is appropriate term for mail art's entry into INTERNET
E-Mail-art = Electronically sent mail-art (with the use of a computer & modem)
Embargo Art = A term created by Andjey Tisma, networker in Yugoslavia, Serbia, for all artistic activities during the international blockade of his country since 1992.
EMOZIONI = Dondudi G. , Italy.
E.O.N. = Ethereal Open Network, Vittore Baroni's Archives, Italy.
Eraser-Carved Stamp = Besides the rubberstamps mail-artists like to cut in erasers and produce their own stamps.
Eraser Carvers Quarterly = magazine by Mick Mather, USA
Eraser-Stamp Carving Missionary = Julie Hagan Bloch, Hurleyville, USA.
Ero-art = term used for erotical mail art (1992, K. Frank Jensen, Denmark)
Erzatz Ephemera = Keith Bates, England.
Escape 3 Tapes = P. Stevens, Belgium.
Eternal Network = Book about mail-art by Chuck Welch (CrackerJack Kid) ISBN:1-895176-27-1 (February 1995 it came out!). Also a concept proposed by fluxists.
Evolutionary Post = Michael Jacobs.
Exotica Post = Sheba,
Ex posto facto = one of the many names used by Julie Paquette, USA.

FACE = Magazine by Mark Corroto (Fagagaga), USA
Factory of Excess = Jos‚ Oliviera, Portugal.
Factsheet-5 = Magazine about zines, edited by R.Seth Friedman, San Francisco, USA 
FAGAGAGA = Mark Corroto, USA
Fake Picabia Brothers = Collaboration between Picasso Gaglione and John Held Jr. (SF-USA)
Farm Pulp = Gregory Hitschak
FB = Friendship Booklet.
Fe-mail-art = Mail-art sent out by a woman (female)
Field Study = Art Collective. (David Dellafiora, England)
Field Worker = Artist
FILE = Canadian 70's mail art magazine edited by General Idea.
Fish Mail Man = Kalle, Varel, Germany
Flat 2 = Royston du Marier, Lebek, England.
Flea Art = Flea Bag, England, UK.
Fleabian Post = Jennifer Hill.
FLUXPOST = George Maciunas.
Fluxpost = Artistamp by Robert Watts in 1964.
Fluxpost West = Ken Friedman, USA. (Now living in Norway).
Flux-post = Fluxus-artists mailing art.
Flux Post Kit #7 = Mail art multiple made by George Maciunas in 1966-67.
Fluxus = Art-movement that influenced mail-art a lot.
Fluxus Bucks = circulation project by Ex Posto Facto in USA.
Fraction Studio = Madrange Michel, France.
FRR = L. Ryan & K. Bates, England
Fundamenta Liberationalism = Anti Movement movement - Michael Lumb. England.
Futurists = Italian artists who used the postal system for artistic messages early in the century.

Germoney = Germany, slang for the influence of money on the sending out of mail-art.
GINA = The great MA-president.
Global Mail = Mail-art info-zine by Ashley Parker Owens, Chicago (since 1996 San Francisco!), USA. (printed version and computerized version; last issue known is  #14 , May-August 1996)
GUTAI = Avant-Garde movement in Japan in the 50's

Habana Mail Art '95 = First mail art exhibition in the National Museum of Fine Art, Habana, Cuba.
HairArt Academy = Mayumi Handa, Japan.
Haters = Conceptual band by Juppiter-Larsen, Canada.
He-Art = i.e. in title of the zine "Light of the He-Art" , somebody has all his efforts in art-activity and gives emotions in it; to  have a heart full of art (definition by Svjetlana Mimica, Croatia).
Heindesign = Stamp-factory & distribution by Wolfgang & Diana, Germany.
HemiPost = Henning Mittendorf, Germany.
Herd = zine by Jennifer M.H. Jupiter, USA.
Hollywood Bob = Bob Kirkman, USA.
HRF = Hans-Ruedi Fricker, Switzerland.
Hrvatska Najmani Posta = Martin M. Horvat.

I.A.C. = International Artists Cooperation.
Image Bank = Vancouver artists active in the early 70's with mail art.
IMAT = International Mail Art Thread, a group of people discussing mail art on-line at AOL in USA.
IMO = International Money Order, a way to pay money to someone abroad (mostly an expense way to do so)
Information Sickness = Zine by Alan K. Lipton, USA.
Institute for the spreading of Love = Institution founded in 1991 by Yugoslavian networker Andrej Tisma as a reaction to the war in his country.
Internet = The international computernetwork of networks, where all kind of computers are linked together.
IPM = International Poetry Magazine (several editors in various countries)
IRC = International Reply Coupon, a coupon with which in most countries you can mail an envelope at the postal office.
I.S.C.A. = International Society of Copier Artists.
IUOMA = International Union of Mail-Artists. Fake union with members and magazine by Ruud Janssen, Netherlands.
IVM-Communications = Martin Dibbs, Canada.
IWA = International Writers & Artists Association, Bluffton, USA, President: Teresinka Pereira.

Jal Mail = Wulle Kunsumkunst & Thomasz Schulz (Germany)
JEM = Joy McManus, USA.
Johnee = John M. Bennett, USA.
JoKi Mail-Art = Josef Klaffki, Minden, Germany.
Joy Post = Endre T˘t, Germany.
Junk-mail = mail-art made out of 'garbage'
Juppiter-Larsen = has absolutely nothing to do with this.

KAF = Karin Feltzing, Sweden.
Karen Eliot = invented name for a mail-artist.
King Tet = M.B. Corbett, USA.
KRAUT = Christian Pfaff, Germany.

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