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TAM-Publications started to list all words encountered in the world of mail-art and networking

This list gives the words found L till Z

La Bohéme Art = Add and pass-on booklets + irregulary issued xeroxzine published by M. Greenfield as a product of returned completed add+pass booklets.
Leavenworth Jackson = Rubberstamp artist & Manufacturer, USA.
Light of the heART = Newsletter by Svjetlana Mimica, Croatia.
Ling Master = Frequent subject of Al Ackerman, USA.
LLAM = Lee, England
Lo Straniero = mail-art magazin by Ignazio Corsaro, Italy.
Love/Ljubav = Bulletin of the Institute for the spreading of love, published by Andjey Tisma since 1992.
Luther Blissett = Collective "Multiple Name" of the 90es.

MA = Short for Mail-Art.
MAA = Mail-Artists Anonymous, Group of networking addicts (H.R. Fricker and Volker Hamann, 1985)
Mail-Art = Too many definitions for this word, so I won't give one here....!
Mail Art Archive = Alessandro Ceccotto, Adria, Italy (editor Transfusion-zine)
Mail-Interview Project = A project started by Ruud Janssen in 1994 where he interviews mail artists by using the different communication-forms available to the mail artists, like mail, e-mail, fax, and personal delivory.
Mailomania = word used by Marlies Mulders, Holland, for her mail-art work
Make your Mark = First rubber stamp store in England (York).
MAM = Guy Stckens, Belgium.
Mambo Mail = Paul Hilmarsson, Iceland.
Mani-Art = Magazine by Pascal Lenoir, France. first issue 1984
MARS = Mail-Art and Rubber Stampers.
MARS EXPO = Mail-art and Rubberstampers convention in USA (first one was in September 1993. Second one October 1994).
Mars Tokyo = Sally Mericle, USA.
Max. = Maximum
ME = Zine by Carlo Pittore, Maine, USA
Media, de = Jan de Boever, Eeklo, Belgium.
MEL-Art = Melissa Clark, Canada.
Memo(random)/Memo(ry) = long-time mail-art project by Robin Crozier, England.
Merlin = Networker who changes his habit (Klaus Rupp, Germany).
Min. = Minimum
Miss WHY? = Silvia Barsi, Italy.
Metallic Avau = Roger Avau, Belgium.
Metapapillon = The spiritual joy of keep on working into the nonsence of mail-art
MftP = Mail from the Peninsvla, Zdenek Sima, Czech Republic.
Micro Hall Art Center = Dr. Klaus Groh, Edewecht, Germany.
Mister Bizarro = Vittore Baroni, Italy.
Mister Postman = Pierre Glackemeyer, Quebec, Canada.
Modern Realism = Mail-Art archives and Gallery of John Held Jr., Dallas (before 1996) or San Francisco (1996 and later), USA.
Mondo Postale = Ed Varney, Canada.
Money & mail-art don't mix = the concept that you can't buy or sell mail-art, that mail-art is non-commercial art (initiated by Lon Spiegelman, USA).
Motormadness = Stefano Sbietti, Italy.
Monty = Igor Bartolech, Yugoslavia.
Monty Cantsin = Monty Cantsin. Universal name for a mail-artists. Giving up the individual name in art.
MR. Colori = The Museum of Instant Images, Chaam, Netherlands Access page
Mrs. Moo Moo = Trish Davis, Tacoma, USA.
MUS = Short for Museum, by Heino Otto, Germany, (died in 1993).
Museum Peculiarii Peculiarii Dania = a museum with the declared purpose of spreading things instead of collecting them. First used with K. Frank Jensen's contribution to PIPS no. 1/96
Musicmaster = Tom Cassidy, USA
Museo Internacionale de Neu Art = Ed Varney, Canada.

N-Eurovision = Enrico Ciceri, Italy.
N-tity = "Spirit of Networking" coined by Lon Spiegelman & Carlo Pittore, USA.
N.Toxic = Tom Wilf, Poland.
National Stampagraphic = Periodical about rubberstamping, USA.
NAZCA = A series of rubberstamps by Ruggero Maggi, Italy.
NC92 = Networking Congresses held in 1992. Sometimes also referred to as DNC, where the D stands for decentralized.
ND = networking magazine, USA.
Near the Edge Editions = Vittore Baroni's editions since 1978
Neoism = mail-art movement named by analogy with Neoclassicism. Just as classicism was repressed by Christianity, but later reemerged as Neoclassicism, so everything was repressed by commercialism, but now has reemerged as Neoism (by Elliot Cantsin, USA).
N.E.O.N.I.C.S. = (knee-on-nix) = Networkers Ethe-real Open New Interconnected Communication Spirit (created by Crackerjack Kid in 1989)
NET = Nonsence Eventus Tempus (Peter Kaufmann).
Net-Informer (ex Arte Atre) = Monthly networking newsletter in Italian language since August 1989 by Andrea Ovcinnicoff, Italy. Some versions of this issue are available on-line as well.
Netland = the whole concept of networkers working together.
Netlandia = The P.O.Box of John Held Jr. and Ashley Parker Owens, SF, USA
Netmail-men = Angela & Peter from Germany.
Netshaker = Mail-Art magazine by Chuck Welch,USA. The newest issues are issued on-line via the internet and therefor called the Netshaker on-line.
Network = People working together through a certain medium (mail,computers,phone,etc..)
Networker Congresses = Events in 1992 that brought together various alternative art networks.
Networker-Hotel = Name of a tourism-project by H.R. Fricker, Switzerland in 1990.
Networking Currents = Book about mail-art by Chuck Welsh, USA. (1986)
Networkingmaterial = Artwork used for networking activities only (since 1985, H.R. Fricker).
Nitrogen = Ghebart Khaffer, Belgium.
Nobody = Is the man Litsa Spathi (the Greek) is looking for. The ideal man. A God.
Nobody Press = Litsa Spathi, Germany.
No-Institute = Jurgen O. Olbrich, Germany.
Nomo-the-Zine = zine by Rudi Rubberoid, USA.
Nomad Museum,the = José Oliviera, Portugal.
No Ism = A term created by Andrej Tisma in 1986 to describe his definition of networking.
Notes of a Basement Dweller = series of mail art profiles edited by Tom Cassidy, USA.
Nothing = The name that Ray Johnson sometimes gave to his artworks.
NYCS = New York Correspondence School (founded by Ray Johnson).

Obvious Front = D. Young, USA.
O.C.W. = Order of Cultural Workers.
Oh Boy = Johnny Tostdada, USA.
Open Eye = Keiichi's projects of mail art, Keiichi Nakamura, Japan
Open Head Arts = Vlasis, Greece.
Open World = Mail-Art magazine from Dobrica Kamperelic, Yugoslavia (88 issues so far)
Open World/Open Mind = Book published in 1996 by Dobrica Kamperelic with texts, visuals and interviews.
Other Books and So = Bookstore run by Ulises Carrion in the 70's featuring mail art (Holland)
OVUM 10 = Magazine by Clemente Padin, Uruguay.
Öh-Art = Kjell Nyman, Sweden.

P-Net = Personal Network
PAN = Postal Art Network, (Name first used by Mark Bloch in NY, USA.
Panscan = Telecommunication activities by Mark Bloch in NY, USA.
Parallel = Magazine by Luce Fierens, Belgium.
PEDJA = Predrag Popovic, Archive of ArtPostCards in Yugoslavia.
Pig Mail-Art = Baudhuin Simon, Belgium.
Pips = Assembling magazine by Claudia Pütz, Germany.
Plagiarism = concept of unrestricted network use.
PLANET ROC = Zine by Simone Bouyer, USA.
Playcare = Fanzine by Ruggero Maggi, Italy.
P.O.Box = Short for Post Office Box. Also the name of a magazine by Pere Sousa, Spain.
Poetry Factory = Guillermo Deisler, Germany (He died in 1995)
Poinsot, Jean-Marc = Early mail art scholar who wrote "Mail Art: Communication, a Distance Concept" (Paris, 1971).
Postal Painting = Term found on an artistamp by Robin Crozier, England.
Postfluxpostbooklet = collaboration-zine by Luce Fierens with every issue a different networker.
Post Hype = John P. Jacob, USA
Postkunst = Geman language for mail art. also the name under which Lothar Trott operates (Switserland)

Ra-Da = A gentle mix of Religion and Dada, David Lawrence Stafford, Australia.
Ragged Edge Press = Joel, the Sticker Dude, New York, USA.
Rainbow stamp pad = a stamp pad with several colors -in line form- on it.
RAT = Research in Art and Telecommunication (Charles Fran‡ois, Belgium).
Ratty's Gazette = Zine by Pag-hat the Rat-girl, USA.
Ray Johnson = Founder of Mail-Art(?), New York, USA. He started the NYCS (see there). He commited suicide on January 13th 1995.
Razíko = Rubber stamp in Czech Language.
Recycling Art = Lancillotto Bellini, Italy
Rehfeldt, Robert = Mail artist from (East-Germany). He died on September 28th 1993.
Remembrance = Magazine by Jenny Soup, USA.
Reperation de Poesie = J.C. Gagnon, Quebec, Canada.
Road Post = Melissa Clark, Canada.
RSM = Short for Rubberstamp Madness magazine, USA.
Rubberstampmadness = Periodical magazine about rubber stamping, USA.
Rubber Trick Ink = Larry K. Cotter, USA.
Rudi Rubberoid = One of the many names used by J.S. Palmer, USA.

SAE  = Self-Addressed Envelope.
SASE = Self-Addresses Stamped Envelope.
SASP = Self-Addressed Stamped Postcard.
Selfhistorification = Technique developed by Cavellini , the art is to document your own life from a central view..
SHADOW project = A mail-art project and action by Ruggero Maggi, Karl Young, John Held,etc.. Event realized everywhere all over the world to celebrate the Hiroshima Holocaust.
Signal Art = The Signalist Documentation Centre, Miroljub Todorovic, Yugoslavia.
Situationist International = Post WW II avant-garde art movement featuring political action and theoretical aesthetics.
S'Mail Global Network Zine = Zine by Joki, Germany.
Small press publications = (see zine)
Smile = mail-art magazine, several versions.
Snail Art Colony = Carol Barnett, England.
Snail Mail = regular mail as oposed to the E-mail (electronic mail through Internet or BBS-systems)
So Called = Mail-art magazine by Sonja van der Burg, Netherlands (not active in mail art anymore)
Societe Anonyme = J. Spiroux, Liege, Belgium.
Soft-Joke Productions = A.D. Eker, Netherlands.
Spiegelism = Lon Spiegelman's own ISM.
Spilkammeret = (literary: The Chamber of Games) - name of the house of Georgine Margareta Witta
Kiessling Smith Jensen and K. Frank Jensen, Denmark.
SPUZ = aka of Cees Francke, Holland.
Stamp Art Gallery = Exhibitions space devoted to the rubberstamp and artistamp. Directed by Picasso
Gaglione and curated by John Held Jr. (SF-USA)
Stamp Goddess = Mirian Parces , USA.
Stampzine = rubber stamp assembling zine, by Picasso Gaglione, San Francisco, USA.
State of Being = Reid Wood, USA.
STEMPEL = Foundation for the use of rubber stamps, founded by Gerart Bot in 1995, Deventer, Holland.
Stempel-Mekka = Gathering of Stampfanatics in Hagen, Germany. In 1995 was the fourth fair organized by Heigndesign.
STERO = An experiment on the potentials of mail art by absolute zero instruction (definition by M. Greenfield, UK).
Sticker Museum = Museum started by Piermario Ciani & Vittore Baroni. The sticker as a medium is regarded as an art-form.
Sticker Therapist = Joel, New York, USA.
Stilte Museum = Rob G.M. Vrakking, Netherlands.
Stretch Marks = Rubber stamp Fanzine by Roslyn M. Stendahl, USA.
Sudaca = Jorge Garnica, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Swine = Ingrid van Kogelenberg, Belgium.

TAM = Travelling Art Mail (Ruud Janssen). Founded in 1980.
TAM = Tilburg's Academy of Mail-art.
TAM-Bulletin = mail-art info-zine (computerized and a printed version) by Ruud Janssen, Netherlands.
TAM-Gallery = exhibiting space for mail-art.
TAM-Publications = Production and distribution of all publications by TAM, Tilburg, Netherlands.
TarotArt = term used since 1992 for mail art with tarot imagery by K. Frank Jensen, Denmark.
TBHS = TAM Bulletin Host System (a computer BBS, operational from 1987 till 1995).
TdV-Tapes = Stijn Huwels, Belgium.
Temple = The network-atelier from José Van den Broucke, Belgium.
The Aggressive Correspondence School = Group with aggresive networkers. Founded 1986
THE ARCHIVES = Peter van Beveren, Netherlands.
The Arky of Toast Embassy = see Toast Postes.
The Eclectic Hermit = Keith Bates, England.
The Magazine Network = book about (mail-art) magazines by Geza Perneczky, Germany.
The Sticker Dude = Joel, New York, USA. Sticker & Rubberstamp company.
The Stranger = Mail-art magazine by Ignazio Corsaro, Italy.
Theater of Names & Addresses = Julian Beere, England.
The Museum of Instant Images = Mr. Colori (Toon Joosen), Chaam, Netherlands
The Museum of Museums = Johan van Geluwe, Belgium.
The Mouth = Zine by Alessandro Ceccotto, Italy.
Timbre d'Artiste = French for Artistamps.
Toad Envy = Artistamps of Gerard Barbot, USA.
Toast Postes = Greg Byrd, USA.
TOK = Pierre Deliege, Belgium.
Total = Mail-art magazine by Nenad Bogdanovi , Yugoslavia.
Tourism = Mail-artists travelling to meet another mail-artist (term by H.R.Fricker).
Transfusion =  Mail-Art zine by Alessandro Ceccotto, Italy.

Umbrella = Mail-Art magazine by Judith A. Hoffberg, USA.
Underground Prods = Eric Chabert, France.
United for the peace = Mail art project organized by Ruggero Maggi about the Malvinas War.
UNI/vers = Magazine by Guillermo Deisler (He died in October 1995)
U.S.A. = United suspected Artists, group of USA networkers, founded in 1984.

VEC = Visual Experimental & Concrete (Rod Summers, Netherlands)
Victorian Values = Keith Bates, England.
VILE = magazine by Anna Banana & Bill Gaglione (Canada, USA)
VOET,de = Stamp-shop of Gerart Bot, Netherlands.

Wanda = Name of the girl Robin Crozier from England is looking for.
Welch, Chuck = Aka Crackerjack Kid, USA. Published the book ETERNAL NETWORK, a mail art anthology in 1995.
Wellcomet Bulletin = Zine by Gilberto Prodo & Lucia Fonseca, Brasil.
Western Front = A canadian alternative artspace involved in mail art during the early 70's
Whitbey Post = Jeanne Rust.

Xeropoesia = Giordano Genghini, Italy
Xero Post = Sheldon Polsky, USA
Xexox Endarchy, Ltd. = Elizabeth Was and Michael And (directors), multimedia organisation, USA.
Xylolinia/Altor = Giuseppe Peruzzo, Italy

YE-Editions  = Young Europe - editions, assembling zine by Theo Breuer, started in 1993, by Theo Breuer, Sistig, Germany

ZAUM = System of poetics including creative languages, Serge Segay, Russia.
Zero Post = Used in the work of Endre Tot, early Hungarian mail artist, currently living in Germany
Zetetics = Tim Blackburn, USA.
Zetti Poste/TNT Post = Tracy Vaughun Moore.
Zig-Zag Post = Lucio Kume, Brasil
Zine = Small press magazine. Usually the work of one person. Small run, low costs, publishing venture.
ZZ-Post = see Zig-ZAg Post.

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